Gotamkot: Historic and Beautiful Village in West Rukum || Origin of the Gautams

Gotamkot Historic and Beautiful Village in West Rukum Origin of the Gautams

Gotamkot: Historic and Beautiful Village in West Rukum- 2024 Updated….

Gotamkot is a small village in Nepal located in the West Rukum district. This beautiful village is known for its rich cultural heritage and natural beauty, making it a popular tourist destination for both domestic and foreign visitors. 


Gotamkot is a village development committee situated in the Rapti Zone of western Nepal’s Rukum District. As per the Nepal’s census 2011, there were 7040 people living in 1361 individual households. It is located at a height of 3018 meters above sea level covered by lush green forest and hills.

Gotamkot [Rukum, West]
Gotamkot [Rukum, West]
As per the beliefs of people, this village was named Gotamkot because it was Gautam’s ancestral home. Gautam’s from all over the country visit her in search of their forefathers.

“Naya Dada” situated at a height of 2300 meters is always ready to keep the view of Gotamkot, while the Bheri River flows its own rhythm, and the Jajarot’s majestic mountains view makes people concentrate. Syalakhadi, Jharmare Lake, and Kumakh Lake in other districts of Dolpa and Salyan can also be seen across from Naya Dada.

Places to Visit in Gotamkot- 2024 Updated

  1. Maalika Mandir
  2. Sumpe

Gotamkot [West Rukum]
Gotamkot [West Rukum]
Gotamkot, situated in Rukum West has history in its way, and there is a belief that this place is the origin of the Gautam family.

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