How to get to Nepal by Air? Best Flight Route to Nepal

How to get to Nepal by Air?
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Tribhuwan International Airport (TIA) is the only international airport in Nepal. This is where all foreign flights land and take off. Direct flights to Nepal are frequently offered by several airlines from the following countries: India, China, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Malaysia, Qatar, Dubai, Oman, Singapore, Bahrain, Turkey, Thailand, Japan, Korea, and Hong Kong. Still, Dubai, Doha, India, and China are the most convenient locations for those without a direct flight.

How to get to Nepal by Air?
How to get to Nepal by Air? Best Flight Route to Nepal

Notable airlines such as Qatar Airways, Fly Dubai, Turkish Airlines, and many Indian and Chinese carriers frequently run several flights to Kathmandu, stopping at the airports in their home nations. The easiest places to connect to flights that go to Nepal are these countries.

How to get to Nepal by Air? Best Flight Route to Nepal

The list of airlines that regularly operate flights into Nepal is provided below. Look through the list to find a suitable flight route if you’re seeking the best suiting flight from the continents of Europe, America, Africa, Australia, or Asia:

Qatar Airways

There are multiple routes from Qatar Airways to Nepal. But since there are no flights that go directly to Nepal, all of them stop in Qatar before continuing to Nepal. Furthermore, it is a convenient airline for travelers worldwide, being one of the largest airlines in the globe. Qatar Airways offers flights to Nepal for visitors from all around the world. Along with this, visitors can avoid making lengthy stops at the airport because flights to Nepal are regular.

Dubai Airlines

Another airline from the Middle East that has flights to Nepal is Air Arabia, which operates from Dubai. This airline serves more than 170 destinations with flights. Thus, travelers can use Air Arabia to fly to any airport in Dubai and then take a connecting flight to Nepal from anywhere in the world.

Malaysian Airlines

One of the first airlines to start flying to Nepal is Malaysian Airlines. The airlines serve some locations across the globe, making them ideal for connecting flights to Nepal.

Indian Airlines

Numerous airlines offer flights to Nepal, including Spice Jet, Air India, IndiGo Air, and Vistara. Travelers’ favorite route is probably the one that runs from Kathmandu to Delhi. The two-hour flight from Delhi to Nepal makes the journey less stressful for passengers. Additionally, visitors from Bengaluru and Mumbai can take flights to Nepal.

Oman Air

The main airline operating out of Oman is Oman Air, and it serves numerous international locations. Many flights are operated by Oman Air to Nepal, with a layover at Muscat. Additionally, the trip from Muscat to Kathmandu takes roughly five hours by plane. Therefore, for travelers from the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and even America, it is an airline and flight route that is convenient.

Himalaya Airlines

Himalayan Airlines is a recently established airline based in Nepal that serves flights to China, South Asia, and the Middle East. While still relatively young, the airline is quickly becoming a favorite among passengers looking to connect to Nepal from any of the previously listed locations.

Nepal Airlines

The carrier of flags Nepal Airlines is the country’s first airline and the first to operate foreign flights. Airlines frequently fly over Dubai, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Doha, Hong Kong, and Narita (Japan). Passengers using any airline can fly to any of the above-mentioned destinations and then take a Nepal Airlines connecting flight to Kathmandu.

The following are the main airlines that operate frequent flights to Nepal. A few additional airlines offer flights to Nepal in addition to these. These airlines do, however, have frequent flights. Travelers can therefore reach Nepal with greater convenience.

Chinese Airlines

Nepal is reportedly served by six Chinese airlines. China Eastern, China Southern, Tibet Airlines, Air China, Cathay Dragon, and Sichuan Airlines. Numerous international destinations are served by these airlines’ frequent flights to Nepal. It is handy for many tourists to take the connecting flight from other major airports in China to Nepal.

Singapore Airlines

When it comes to travel carriers, Singapore carriers are one of the most popular choices for travelers visiting Nepal. Every flight to Nepal makes a stopover at Singapore Airport, from where passengers board additional planes to Nepal. They can use Singapore Airlines to travel if it’s more convenient to fly to Singapore and Nepal. Furthermore, Silk Air is the primary airline for most connecting flights from Singapore. Singapore Airlines’ satellite airline is called Silk Air.

Emirates (Airline)

For example, Emirates doesn’t offer flights to Nepal. Nonetheless, one of its affiliate airlines frequently travels from Dubai to Nepal. Travelers can simply fly to any airport in Dubai and catch another connecting flight with Fly Dubai to Nepal because Emirates has a global network. It takes roughly six hours to fly from Dubai to Nepal.

Turkish Airways

One of the airlines with the most flights in Nepal is Turkish Airways. Turkish Airway often flies to Nepal with a layover in Istanbul. It is convenient for passengers from America and Europe to use Turkish Airlines. It takes roughly eight hours to fly from Istanbul to Kathmandu. There are multiple timely flights to Nepal, despite the travel being somewhat lengthy.

Korean Air

Moreover, Korean Air offers flights to Nepal. Anyone may get to Kathmandu by plane from anywhere in the world with a layover in Seoul. Korean Air boasts extensive global networks.

Thai Lion Air

Thai Lion Air is an airline based in Southeast Asia that offers direct flights from Bangkok to Kathmandu. This airline offers flights to many locations throughout the world, including Nepal, with a stopover in Bangkok, Thailand.

Malindo Air

Malindo Air is a Malaysian airline that operates flights to Nepal. It is one of the most popular airlines for travelers visiting Nepal. Similar to Malaysian Airlines, Malindo Air operates flights to numerous locations throughout the world. If you choose to travel to Nepal via Malindo Air, you will need to take a connecting aircraft to Kathmandu after spending a layover in Kuala Lumpur.

How to get Nepal by Air from Australia?

For Australians, flying with Singapore Airlines is the most convenient way to get to Nepal. You will have a layover at the Singapore airport while flying on Singapore Airlines, and after that, you will board a connecting aircraft on Silk Air, a Singapore Airlines affiliate, to Kathmandu. Another fantastic route from Australia to consider is passing through China and India. Similarly, they can go to Bangkok, Doha, Malaysia, and then take a second flight to Nepal.

How to get Nepal by Air from South East Asia, South Asia, and East Asia?

There are direct flights from Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand (Bangkok) to Nepal. Additionally, there are no direct flights to Nepal like there are to the other nations in South East Asia. They can take a plane to any of these nations, from where they can connect to Kathmandu. Many South Asian nations, with the exception of Afghanistan and Sri Lanka, offer direct flights to Nepal. Furthermore, all East Asian nations except North Korea, Mongolia, Taiwan, and Macau have direct flights to Nepal.

How to get Nepal by Air from America?

Travelers from the United States often choose to fly into Nepal via Doha, Dubai, Singapore, India, China, Malaysia, and Bangkok. There’s a strong probability of finding a connecting flight to Nepal if you go through these countries. Qatar Airways, Fly Dubai, and Turkish Airlines all operate many flights from various airports in Dubai and Istanbul, respectively, to Kathmandu. From Singapore, travelers can also frequently catch connecting flights.

There are multiple connecting flights from Singapore Airlines’ subsidiary Silk Air to Nepal. Finding a flight from any American airport to China or India is easier.

How to get Nepal by Air from the United Kingdom?

Travelers from the UK can take any airline to Doha, Dubai, and Istanbul for a less taxing trip. And from these cities, catch another flight with Turkish Airlines, Fly Dubai, or Qatar Airways to Nepal. The main carriers with regular flights to Kathmandu are these ones. In a similar vein, a large number of UK airlines offer direct service to China and India. Flying to China or India will allow them to take a subsequent journey to Kathmandu.

How to get Nepal by Air from Europe?

Any airline that suits them can provide flights for Europeans who want to visit Nepal. Only Turkey offers direct, frequent flights to Nepal among all of Europe. Thus, flying to Istanbul, Turkey, and then taking a Turkish Airlines connection to Nepal would be the most straightforward travel method for Europeans to reach Nepal. Because guests wouldn’t have to endure lengthy flights, the trip would be less demanding. They can also fly to China, India, or Doha (Qatar) in addition to Turkey. Over all other countries in the globe, these nations also have the most daily flights to Nepal.

How to get Nepal by Air from the African continents?

For tourists from Africa, flying to Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Qatar, or India would be the most convenient route to take to reach Nepal. It is even appropriate for visitors from these continents to fly to Turkey. Turkish Airlines, Fly Dubai, Air India, Qatar Airways, and many more are examples of trustworthy and appropriate airlines. You can catch a connecting flight to Nepal with transit to any nation that works best for you. The two mentioned airlines offer several daily flights to Nepal.

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