Akala Devi Temple(Mandir) – Hindu Temple || Pokhara, Lamachia

Akala Devi Temple

In this article we will talk about, famous place of Hindu Temple, Akala Devi Temple.. 2024 Updated

Pokhara in Nepal is one of the tourist destinations, it is known for its scenic beauty and serene atmosphere. Among them, one of the popular places in Pokhara is Akala Devi Temple.

Akala Devi Temple: It is a popular destination located in Lamachaur, Pokhara, which is a three-tiered roof built in a Nepalese style. This temple is dedicated to Goddess Akala Devi.

Name Akala Devi Temple
In Nepali
अकला देवी मन्दिर
District Kaski
Deity Goddess Akala Devi
Affiliation Hinduism
Architecture Type Pagoda
Festivals Dashain


Akala Devi Temple(Mandir) - Hindu Temple || Pokhara, Lamachaur
Akala Devi Mandir – Hindu Temple || Pokhara, Lamachaur

The Akala Devi Temple, located in Lamachaur, Pokhara, is constructed of cement and bricks rather than wood in the Nepalese style with a three-tiered roof. It is devoted to the Goddess Akala Devi. It is mostly of the Hindu religion people. A small shrine honoring the goddess was present under a tree but the current temple later replaced this.


Many festivals take place throughout the year, and thousands of worshippers visit this temple. The two most important festival celebrated here are Teej, and Dashain, which takes place in September or October (as per the traditional Hindu Calendar).

How can you reach to Akala Devi Temple?

You can visit Akala Devi by local public buses from Mahendrapul, Lamachaur, and Bhurjung Khola to Akala Devi Temple. Local Taxis are also available.

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