What is Chobhar Famous for? Places to Visit Chobhar – Nepal

What is Chobhar Famous for? Places to Visit Chobhar

Chobar Famous For || Famous Place to visit in 2024

Chobhar, also written as (Chovar or Chobar) is a village in the Bagmati Zone of Central Nepal’s Kathmandu District, a part of Kirtipur Municipality. It had a population of 5627 living at the time of the 1991 census. 

Hindus and Buddhists consider a sacred place to the Chobhar Hills, which is covered by beautiful herbs and suburbs making the town more beautiful. The nearby Chobhar Gorge is well known for the Chobhar Caves

Places to Visit in Chobhar

  1. Chobhar Caves
  2. Jal Binayak Temple
  3. Adinath Lokeshwar
  4. Whoopee Land Amusement

Chobhar Caves-

Chobhar Caves
Chobhar Caves

Chobhar Caves is situated near the village of Chobhar 9km southwest of Kathmandu, Nepal. As for the near Bagmati River irregular levels of water frequently enter the caves.

It is suggested to the guests not to enter the caves unless they have professional guides who have compasses and other equipment before exploring the cave. In this cave, many bats have been seen but no snakes have been observed.

Adinath Lokeshwar-

Adinath Lokeshwar
Adinath Lokeshwar

Adinath Lokeshwar is regarded as one of the Hindu and Buddhist temples located in the Nepalese village of Chobhar. Built in the fifteenth century, it had reconstruction in 1640.

Also, this temple is often known as the “pots and pans” by tourists as many home appliances are attached to the walls.

Jal Binayak Temple-

Jal Binayak Temple
Jal Binayak Temple

Jal Binayak Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Ganesh which is situated in the Chobhar area of the central Kathmandu District of Nepal. It is one of the Katmandu Valleys’ four Binayyak.

This temple was first built in 723 NS, named for Malla King Shiva Singh Malla. The current temple’s structure was rebuilt in the Pagoda Style in 871 NS by Kathmandu’s King Rajya Prakash Malljaf.

Whoopee Land Amusement-

whoopee Land Amusement
Whoopee Land Amusement

In Chobhar, there is a waterpark and amusement park called Whoopee Land, which is Nepal’s most-known theme park. It offers s variety of attractions, such as an adventure rife, family rides, thrill rides, kids rides, and a water park.

Everyone can enjoy themselves as there are many rides and attractions, which is the best way to take a break from the busy schedule.

How can you reach Chobhar: Location, District

Local buses to Pharping and Dakshinkali go from Patan (Lganakhel) and Kathmandu (Ratna Park) and they stop at the Chobhar stop.

You can get there directly by bus, which might be a bit expensive. Also, you can reach there by bike/scooter.

Destination: New Road Gate: Kathmandu’s Busy High Street

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