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The highest peak in the boundary between Nepal and India is Someshwar Gadhi, also known as Someshwar Parbat, which is located in the Madi municipality of Chitwan District. There is a border post number 45 of Nepal and India near the Someshwar area.

Someshwor Gadhi: Brief Introduction

The Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation has also selected Someshwor Gadi in Madi of Chitwan district among the 100 new tourist destinations to be promoted. The stone statue in Someshwor is really attractive. Someshwor Gadi, also known as Someshwor temple is a Hindu temple that is held with an immense faith, where a large number of people visit there every day.

It is among the top tourist destination in Madi for picnics, for both domestic and international visitors. From Someshwar Gadi, you will be able to see the entire city of beautiful Madi.

Someshwar Gadhi: Tourist Destinations Place in Chitwan
Someshwar Gadhi: Tourist Destinations Place in Chitwan

To the south of the Madi Valley is the Someshwar Chure Danda, which is connected to India, and to its east, west, and north lies the National Park. Small rivers and streams that flow from south to north over the Chure Hills and the National Park, are surrounded by fertile and beautiful terrain.

Someshwor Gadi is believed to have been built by King Mukunda Sen of Palpa in order to protect it from the British.

History !! Someshwar Gadhi: Tourist Destinations Place in Chitwan

Many years ago, Someshwar Gadhi was known as Someshwar Parbat. On the hill at Someshwar, various kinds of weapons, utensils, and stone figures have been found at certain points. The Nepal Army was sent in and a fort was set up to stop the British army during the conflict between Nepal and the British. However, the army was later moved to Upardangadhi due to a water problem.

How to travel to Someshwar Gadhi?

To reach Someshwar Gadhi, it takes around 11km to arrive at Someshwar Gadi from Basantapur Bazar in Madi-3.

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