15 Shocking Facts about Nepal

15 Shocking Facts about Nepal Which You Might Not Know

Nepal is a popular vacation spot for most travelers since it’s stunning, inexpensive, and has easy visa requirements. This little landlocked nation has a lot to offer first-time tourists, from breathtaking mountains to a unique and individual culture. Discover some surprising facts about Nepal as you continue reading. Shocking Facts about Nepal Kumari – Worshipping…

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How to get to Nepal by Air?

How to get to Nepal by Air? Best Flight Route to Nepal

Tribhuwan International Airport (TIA) is the only international airport in Nepal. This is where all foreign flights land and take off. Direct flights to Nepal are frequently offered by several airlines from the following countries: India, China, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Malaysia, Qatar, Dubai, Oman, Singapore, Bahrain, Turkey, Thailand, Japan, Korea, and Hong Kong. Still, Dubai, Doha, India,…

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Olanchito: A beautiful city in Honduras || Tourists Destination

Tourists Destination || Olanchito [2024 Updated] Honduras is a beautiful country situated in Central America. Olanchito is a beautiful city, located in the eastern part of Honduras. With 124,286 population, the municipality was established in 1530 consisting of 70 villages, and around 300 hamlets. This city is popular for its traditional festivals and cultural events…

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