Chhyachhung – The Hidden Bird of Dojam, Humla [Itinerary]


“The Hidden Bird in the Hidden Place”

Located:  Dojam, Humla

Many people might not know about Chhyachhung River, where it’s said that Chhya means bird and Chhung means stone.

It is also called chhyachhung because the rock over there is shaped like a bird.  So the local people named it Chhyachhung. Chhyachhung is located in Dojam, Humla District of Nepal.

Chhyachhung – The Hidden Bird of Dojam, Humla

If you are willing to visit this beautiful place you need to take a root from Kathmandu. As it is mentioned above chhyachhung is located in Dojam, Humla District.

There are no facilities on the flyway so you can take your private vehicle due to road conditions you can’t reach Dojam either by bus. The road is not connected to the destination also the road is under construction.

Because of road conditions, you can only reach Thehe from Simkot (Simkot to Thehe- 2 hrs by jeep). After that, you need to take a rest until you reach Dojam. You can find small shops in the village area of Kumlikjelua.

Until you reach your destination place you can see many beautiful sceneries, the flowing of the Karnali river, and houses made of stone. The houses over there are all made of beautiful stone with unique designs. The village’s name is Dojam because it’s said that the village place is a mix of two rivers.

The Hidden Bird of Dojam, Humla

The mostly locals of these places are Hindu and Buddhist. On the north side of the village, you can see a Gumba.

At the up of the big stone, there is a temple/Gumba where Hindus and Buddhists can usually worship. The Structure of the temple/Gumba is amazing.

Chhyachhung – Hidden Gem of Humla

When you finally reach the Chhyachuung River, it’s said that when you go deep inside the stone you need to worship the stone with rituals. Puja is usually done by the lamas. Then only you can go deep inside the Chhung.

It’s an ancient belief that a devotee who swims across the water of the narrow cave-like structure is sure to get rid of all his or her sins. The water in it is extremely cold.

The Hidden Bird of Dojam, Humla

Chhyachhung – Itinerary

It is not easy to reach Chhyachhung but if you ever reach there you will find the rare beauty of Humla. Chhung is just not a stone or rocky structure but holds high cultural significance.

Destination: Gusa Lek – Unexplored Place, Humla, Unapani village Nepal

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