Gusa Lek – Unexplored Place, Humla, Unapani village Nepal

Unexplored place in Humla [Updated 2024]

Located:  Sarkegad, Humla, Karnali Pradesh

Above Sea Level: 3,660 meters

Country: Nepal

Many people might not know about Gusa lek. Gusa lek is located in Sarkegad, Humla, Karnali Pradesh near the Unapani village in the Humla district of Nepal.

Gusa Lek
Gusa lek picture taken from youtube channel of Sirjana Sizzu

How can you go to Gusa lek? – [Itinerary]

Here is the Itinerary of Gusa Lek.

It’s situated at 3,660 meters above sea level and is surrounded by beautiful mountains and lush greenery.

The Gusa Lek is considered one of the most important agricultural lands in the region, as the fertile soil around it is suitable for the cultivation of crops like barley, wheat, and potatoes.

Gusa Lek is better known for its beautiful scenic and peaceful atmosphere.  The lake is also a tourist attraction area, people come here to enjoy its tranquil waters and picturesque surroundings.

Additionally, the lek is also believed to have religious significance for the people of the region. According to the local people,  it’s said that the lek was created by lord Shiva when he pierced the ground with his trident and it’s also called the sacred site.

Many people visit this place mostly During the annual Mela Festival, which is always held in the month of August or September.

Generally, Gusa lek is famous for its beauty and pride of the region in the Humla district of Nepal known for its agricultural significance, natural beauty, and religious importance.

Gusa Lek
Gusa lek picture taken from youtube channel of Sirjana Sizzu

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