Birupakshya Mysterious Story, The Kali, Old Pictures, Location [Updated 2024]


Birupakshya- Kirat God Emerging Out Slowly

Located: Kathmandu, Nepal

Many people might know about Birupakshya, However, it was believed that the world would come to an end if the whole statue came out also it’s said that the half body of Birupakshya is inside the ground and half is above the ground. Also, it is said that the statue is emerging slowly.

Birupakshya is located in the east of the famous Pashupatinath temple on the right bank of the Bagmati River. Not only in Nepal this god is also worshipped in South India as Virupasksha. The statue of Birupakshya’s nose is nepto, its lips are thick, and its head is crooked, so historians consider it to be a statue of the Kirat period.

It’s the belief that Birupakshya is the holy god of the Kirat people which is located in Kathmandu and erected by the Kirati kings of ancient Nepal. This holy god is also known as the Kirateswor Mahadev and Kali.

Birupakshya Mysterious Story, The Kali, Old Pictures, Location

History of Birupakshya

However, it’s believed that the more Kali Yuga disappears, the more idols will come up from the ground. People who know about him, say that the idol of Virupaksha.

According to the Sanskrit dictionary, it is named ‘Birupaksha’ because it has an eye in Bitunga, like Shivaji. Similarly, this idol has one eye on its forehead but the popular folklore in the Kathmandu Valley introduces it as ‘Birupaksha’ or ‘Kali’.

Local people of Kathmandu say that ‘Birupaksha’ is the name of a Kiranti boy. According to the sources, In ancient times, there was a young boy whose father went abroad to earn and they had no property at home until the boy turned seven years old his father did not return home. For many years he tried to search for his father but there was no news of his father till he turned seventeen years old. In search of his father, there was also no news of her mother. However, on the other side, his mother was in search of her husband and son.

By chance, the mother and son came into the same shelter to live, but the mother looked so young. And they could not recognise each other for the time. Unintentionally, they began to date each other but the next morning they found that they were their own mother and child.

How did Kali Yuga begin?

However, it is said that the beginning of kalu yuga was after the great sin of Virupaksha’s motherhood. In his regrets, the young boy asked lord Pashupath Nath how to dissolve his sin of motherhood.

At that time, Pashupati Nath was addicted to, cannabis and dhatura. So, Pashupath Nath told him that he could only get away from the sin of motherhood can be absolved only after eating 12 dharnis of copper.

After that the boy cooked in a pot to melt copper, after heating the fire for a very long time it was seen that the copper had melted but the smoke of the copper buried inside the pot made the boy look black, dirty and ugly. After that, the boy was named ‘Birupaksh’.

Birupakshya Mysterious Story, The Kali, Old Pictures, Location

After feeling of feelings that Nath has deceived him, he wanders around the Pashupati area abusing Shivaji and kicking his idol. Later on, he takes refuge in the great lord Buddha, and then the Buddha gives him a rosary of Bodhichitta and instructs him to turn it around until it is untied.

The Buddha taught him, that when the garland is untied, your motherhood sins will be forgiven. After many tries the garland didn’t untie, Desperate, he went away on the way, he saw a boy scratching an iron rod and Virupakshya said, what are you doing The boy replied that he wanted to make a needle to sew his torn clothes.

Inspired by the boy’s determination, Virupaksha returned to meditate. The boy said, ‘Look, my clothes are torn, so I tried to make a needle out of iron! It was Lord Buddha who came in the guise of a boy to inspire Virupaksha to work hard.

How was Birupakshya’s idol grounded in the ground?

After that, the Virupaksha returned to deep meditation. When the devotee people saw him chanting with Buddha’s garland on Pashupati premises, they buried him in the ground because he had insulted Shiva Ji earlier.

However, it is believed that at the end of Kali Yuga the idol of Virupaksha will come out completely. Also, there’s an idol of women near Virupaksha, it is said that that idol is of Virupaksha’s mother (Kirantini or Yakshini).

Birupakshya Mysterious Story, The Kali, Old Pictures, Location

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