Budha Subba Temple: Religious and Hisorical Place situated in Dharan

Where is Budha Subba Located? Pride of Our Country… 2024 Updated.

Budha Subba Temple: Religious and Historical Place situated in Dharan

Dharan is a beautiful sub-metropolitan city situated in Sunsari District of Koshi Province, Nepal. After Biratnagar and Itahari, Dharan is stated as the most populous city in Eastern Nepal. Also, it is one of the largest cities in Province 1, having an area of 192.32 square kilometres. 

Major Tourist Attractions in Dharan

  • Budha Subba Temple
  • Pindeshwor Baba Dham
  • Gurkha Memorial Park
  • Dharan Clock Tower
Name Budha Subba Temple
In Nepali
बुढा सुब्बा
District Sunsari District
Location Dharan-14
Affiliation Hinduism


Budha Subba Temple
Budha Subba Temple

Budha Subba Temple is one of the beautiful religious and historical temples situated in the Eastern part, of Bijayapur of Dharan, Nepal. There are two temples here in BudhaSubba, the temple in the south is of Budha Subba, and on the north side is of his sister Subbini.

Budha Subba and his sister Subbini used to play with “Guleli and Matyangra” in the hills, one day he hit a crow, at the tip of the bamboo tree, since then the bamboo tree has not grown and no crow has been seen in Bijayapur. After that, BudhaSubba stopped playing guleli and buried it in the soil. Then, Budha Subba is believed to have mediated at the place where the Temple is located. On Saturdays, there is a special crowd, likewise, at this temple, it is accepted to sacrifice pigs and hens.

History Behind Budha Subba Temple:

Budha Subba is the tomb of the last Limbu king, Buddhi Karna Khebang of Limbuwan (Pallo Kirat) as per the history. In 1773, Prihivi Narayan Shah of the Kingdom of Nepal assassins killed him tricking him into traveling to Bijayapur-Dharan for negotiations.

History Budha Subba Temple
History Budha Subba Temple

Since then, it is believed that Buddhi Karna Khebang’s soul is said to have a kind and helpful spirit around the area of the tomb. After that, the Local Limbu people began to worship the soul as an Old King (Haang refers to King in Limbu).

Writings on Bamboo and Threads:

In the beginning, writing on bamboo trees was a usual practice in the temple. There’s a belief that writing a lover’s name on bamboo will get the success of their love life, thus, the young men visiting the Budha Subba temple return only after writing their name on the bamboo.

Writings on Bamboo and Threads Budha Subba Temple
Writings on Bamboo and Threads Budha Subba Temple

However, writing names on the bamboo increased, which hampered the growth of trees so the temple committee decided to stop writing names on bamboo. Recently, the lovers tied the sacred threads to the bamboo after worshipping Budha Subba.

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