Radhika Dasi: Biography, Age, Social Activist, Husband, Marital Life

Radhika Dasi is a musical artist and chairman of the organization known as “Maya Ghar”. “Maya Ghar” is an organization where poor, mentally ill, and older people reside and this organization takes care of such people.  In addition, Radhika Dasi is also the Hindu Storyteller of God.

Who is Radhika Dasi? – Biography, Real Name, Age [35]

Radhika Dasi is a Bhagwatbachika, Chairman of the organization “Maya Ghar Nepal”, and a Social Activist. Radhika Dasi gives Pravachan mostly on her own YouTube channel named Radhika Daasi Official, and Shri Ji Television.

Radhika Dasi
Radhika Dasi

Radhika Dasi was born in  August 17, 1988. As of now, Radhika is 35 years old. She has two brothers. At the age of 12, she came to Kathmandu for her higher study. She completed her Bachelor’s in three subjects, i.e. first Major in English, and Major in Dance. After that, she became a full-time English Teacher and taught in college and school at Galaxy Public School, Kathmandu for almost 10 years.

Radhika Dasi: Marital Life, and Divorce

At the age of 16, Radhika Dasi got married at the wish of her parents, but it was not a love marriage. But without her idea, she was married to a mentally ill person.

Regarding her Marriage, she says, “रातिको ११ बजे जंगलमा लगेर मारछु भनेर तलवार देखायो , हातमा चुरोट ले पोल्थ्यो,त्यो अवस्था बाट गुजरेर मेरो जीवन एस्तो निराश भयो कि मलाई मर्न मात्र मनलाग्थ्यो। मृत्यु नै अब उपाय हो अरु केहि छैन भनेर एकदिन म मर्न हिडे। दिनहु हिंसा , ज्यान तलमाथि हुन्छ भन्ने हिंसा कति बेला मारिने हो थाहा छैन त्यो हिंसा, तब बस्न नसकेर मैले मेरो पिताजी लै फोन गरे जब कि मैले ७ वर्ष सम्म आफ्नो बुवाआमालाई केहि पनि भनेको थिन” 

After the divorce from her husband, she moved to Vrindavan thinking of staying in Widow Ashraam, that’s where she met a guru who taught her, and in between the periods of 6-7 years, she completed her education and stayed in India narrating stories.

But, later, Radhika Dasi returned to Nepal, thinking of supporting the people who are mentally unstable, financially poor, and those who are in trouble.

Does Radhika Dasi have a child?

Radhika Dasi is the mother of one child, a son, who is currently 13 years old.

Maya Ghar Nepal

Maya Ghar Nepal, an organization that was first started in Itahari in 2074 B.S. by storytelling, got 7 acres of land there. Today, Maya Ghar Nepal is home to over 130 needy families who live there with the help of the local community of Itahari.

Maya Ghar Nepal
Maya Ghar Nepal

More than 4500 individuals who are mentally unstable or financially disadvantaged are provided better care and facilities. After the very first establishment of Maya Ghar Nepal in Itahari, it was later established in Bardibas, Mahottari District.

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