Arjundhara Dham, Hindu Deity Lord Shiva || Jhapa, Nepal

Arjundhara Dham

Deity Lord Shiva, Arjundhara Dham is located in Jhapa District [ 2024 Updated]..

Arjundhara Dham, a temple devoted to Lord Arjun is located in Nepal’s southeastern part of Nepal, in Jhapa District, Province No.1 in Nepal. It is also known as the Pashupatinath of the East.

Name Arjundhara Dham
In Nepali अर्जुनधारा धाम
Affiliation Hinduism
District Jhapa
Festivals Shravana, Balachaturdashi, and Maha Shivaratri
Country Nepal
Type Pagoda

Arjundhara is currently situated in Arjundhara Municipality as previously it had been in Arjundhara VDC Ward No.4. As Nepal has recently divided into provinces, this place lies in Province No.1.

What is Arjundhara Dham Famous for?

Special worship of Lord Shiva is done at Arjundhara Jaleshwor Dham. There is a crowd of devotees every Monday of the month.  Likewise, inside the main temple, there is the Shivalinga of Lord Shiva, while the idol of other goddesses can be seen in various parts of the temple. A statue of Arjun shooting a bow arrow can be seen in the center of the pond behind the main temple. Every year, thousands of devotees come from eastern Nepal to make a pilgrimage to Arjundhara Dham.

On the day of Balachaturdashi, a big fair is held in this temple, which falls in the month of Poush. A large number of devotees visit Arjundhara on the occasion of Balachaturdashi remember their forefathers and make a pilgrimage to this holy place.

Arjundhara Dham [Jhapa, Nepal]
Arjundhara Dham [Jhapa, Nepal]

History Behind Arjundhara Dham- 2024 Updated

“Arjuna” is the name of a Mahabharata character, while “dhara” means source of water.

In ancient times, when the Pandavas lived in exile in the forest, after 12 years of exile, they had to live hiding their identity for two years before returning to their kingdom. During this two-year period of hiding their identity, they lived at the King Virata Palace. As the Kauravas knew where the Pandavas lived, they stole all of Virata’s cows hoping to force Pandavas to reveal their true identity.

The Pandava went on the search for cows, which they believed to have found in the current location known as “Garuva”. The cows became thirsty as the Pandavas were bringing them back from the Garuwa. As per the Myth, Arjuna shot his arrow, named Pagnakhestra, at the ground right away resulting in the water coming up and quenched the cow’s thirst. This place and its significance were found by a female ascetic by the name of Khadabana, as per local tradition.

Arjundhara, a beautiful temple was built in a Pagoda Style which was established in 2065 B.S.

How can you reach Arjundhara Dham from Kathmandu?

Ajundhara Dham can be reached easily from Kathmandu at a distance of bout 45 minutes flight from Kathmandu Valley to Bhadrapur and around 30 minutes of car ride to reach Arjundhara Dham.


In which district does Arjundhara Dham lie?

Arjundhara Dham is situated in the southeastern part of Jhapa district, Province No. 1 in Nepal.

How far is Arjundhara Dham from Kathmandu?

Arjundhara is a 45-minute flight from Kathmandu to Bhadrapur and around 30 minutes car ride to reach Arjundhara Dham.

Festivals celebrated in Arjundhara Dham?

Shravana, Balachaturdashi, and Maha Shivaratri are the main festivals celebrated in this temple.

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