Panchakot Dham: Spiritual Hidden Site in Baglung || Western Nepal

Panchakot Dham Spiritual Hidden Site in Baglung Western Nepal

Today, in this article, we will talk about a Holy Hindu Site located in Baglung District of Nepal. Baglung District, one of the seventy-seven districts of Nepal, covers a total area of 1784 km2 (689 sq mi) and a population of 268, 613 (2011).

As Baglung is famous for many places and destinations, one of the major holy Hindu sites situated in Baglung is Panchakot Dham. 

The Panchakot Dham is a holy Hindu site in Nepal’s Baglung district. The Dham is on top of a hill and looks out over the valley of the Baglung and the beautiful Himalayas in the distance. It is located at a height of 1700 meters.

This dham is on a hilltop with five temples which is covered with green forest and hills.

Panchakot Dham is a popular sacred place in religion, culture, and spiritual significance with rich history, culture, and stories. For people who worship Lord Shiva, it is an important place to visit. Thousands of devotees from Nepal come to this temple complex every year to worship. This temple attracts devotees from all around the world, not only Nepal.

Panchakot Dham Establishment, Design and Architecture

The Panchakot Dham is in Panchakot Ekikrit Basti, which is in Ward 6 of Baglung Municipality. This place is popular all over Nepal and it is one of the famous destinations for tourists in Baglung district. In the name of the famous Muktinath Baba, the infrastructure of this temple complex was built. Muktinath Baba was born near the Panchakot Dham complex in Panchakot. He had a dream of building a pilgrimage site in his hometown and His dream became a reality after the construction of this temple complex.

This Dham consists of five different kots called Tatajalkot, Karikot, Majhkot, Raynaraynakot, and Sansaarkot. Muktinath Baba’s main motivation for constructing this temple complex was to create a pilgrimage site for all gods and goddesses in one place. So, there are several smaller temples that are dedicated to the Hindu gods Lord Ganesh, Lord Hanuman, Lord Vishnu, Goddess Durga, Lord Krishna, and Radha. It is also believed that ancient kings used to visit these temples to worship.

Places to visit while in Panchakot Dham in 2024-

1. Panchakot Garden

Panchakot Garden is on the way to the temples below while visiting the temple complex from above. The garden is full of varieties of flowers and plants. From this garden, you can see the beauty of mountains, hills, and Baglung Bazar. There is a swing in the garden too which you can enjoy.

2. Sheesh Mahal

Sheesh Mahal is below the panchayat garden. This is a temple of glasses and mirrors, so it is called sheesh mahal. Lord Krishna and Radha are being worshipped in this temple. This temple is decorated with flowers, sculptures, and carvings.

3. Lord Hanuman Statue

The Lord Hanuman Statue
The Lord Hanuman Statue Panchakot Dham

Lord Hanuman Statue is at the end of the Panchakot Garden along with swings. This is the statue where Lord Hanuman carries Sumeru Parbat.

You can see the beauty of the mountain with the statue which deflects the beauty which attracts people from different countries. The Statue is big enough and is protected and surrounded by fences and railings.

4. Lord Vishnu and Garud Sculpture

Lord Vishnu and Garud Monument
Lord Vishnu and Garud Monument Panchakot Dham

Lord Vishnu and Garud Sculpture is one of the most popular and eye-catching architecture lies beside the Sheesh Mall. It has added beauty to the temple which has attracted the people. 

5. Water Pot (Gagri) Statue

Water Pot (Gagri) Statue
Water Pot (Gagri) Statue Panchakot Dham

This water pot statue called Gagri is just below the statue of Lord Hanuman and Panchakot Garden.

It is large and colored like copper which represents the traditional water pitcher used for keeping and carrying water.

6. The Ganesh Temple

The Ganesh temple is above the Garud Sculpture which is built with the architecture of the south Indian temple. In Hindu Mythology, the Ganesh Temple is the first temple to be worshipped.

7. The Cave

Locals living in that place believe that the tiger used to live in this cave which is below the Garud Sculpture. There is the statue of Lord Shiva, Rishi, and a snake in the cave.

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