Bara, Raniwas Temple [Amusing History, Nepali-Indian border] Updated 2024

Raniwas Temple

“Raniwas Temple”, mostly known as “Ram Mandir”, “Ram Janaki Mandir”, “Raniwas Palace”, and “Mahal Sarai”, is situated two kilometers north of the Indian Border and one Kilometer north of the Simraugandh market. It covers a of total 600 Bighas including the palace.

Simraungadh (Bara): History

Simaraungadh was the capital of the Tirhut Kingdom, established in 1097 by Nanyadeva, the Karnat King, which was a fortified city. Currently, it is a municipality in the Madesh Province’s Bara District in Nepal.

This city is located near the Nepali-Indian border, 28km east of Birgunj metro city and 90km south of Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. The native language of Simraungandh is Bhojpuri.

From the eleventh to the beginning of the fourteenth century, Simraungadh became the capital of the Mithila, or Tirhut, an independent Hindu Kingdom. During Tirhut’s history, the Karnat dynasty’s rule reflects an era of change and a golden age.

Name Simraungandh
Name In Nepali सिम्रौनगढ
District Bara, Madhesh Province
Total Area 42.65 km2   
Population 49,939

History of Raniwas Temple and Palace- Tourist Attractions

“Raniwas Temple” is one of the most popular destinations in Simraungadh for both local and foreign tourists. Jung Bahadur Rana’s son Jagat Rana constructed the Ram Janaki temple in 1878 AD. His son built the temple in 1878 AD in honour of a wish made by his queen Hiranagarbha Devi while visiting Sati.

Furthermore, it is believed that the Karnat dynasty’s old palace was used as the foundation for both this temple and the current Raniwas Palace. After the end of Karntas, the Oiniwar dynasty came to power and ruled the Mithila region from 1325 until 1527 AD. Also, it is believed that the Maharaja of the Oiniwar Dynasty Siva Singh built this palace for his daughter Isri Devi during his ruling time.

Places to Visit in Simraungadh, Bara in 2024

Here is the list of the interesting places you can visit in Simraungadh, Bara

  • Raniwas Temple and Palace
  • Kankali Temple
  • Jharokhar Pokhari
  • Khajani Landmark and Kotwal
  • Simraungadh Mareket and Ranivas Garden

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