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Top Nine Hidden Destination of Karnali

Visit this, Top hidden place in 2024…

Top Nine Hidden Destination of Karnali: Karnali is a province that everyone has heard of, a place that few have seen. Many people only know the famous places in Karnali, but the unseen destinations are also equally beautiful and waiting to welcome you.

Here, we will talk about some Top Hidden Tourist Destination in Karnali:

1. Upper Dolpa:

Upper Dolpa is a district situated in the Karnali Province of Nepal. It is a surprisingly amazing and mysterious area located in Karnali. Most of the land here is covered by mountains and hills, which is suitable for adventure travelers.

Upper Dolpa
Upper Dolpa [Karnali]
Although the Upper Dolpa trekking trail is tough, the scenery during the journey will leave you speechless. Upper Dolpa is surrounded by natural beauty but has not been developed fully. Due to this, people of this area use Mule (Khacchar), Horse, and Yak (Chauri Gai) as alternative forms of transportation to make life easier.

2. Shey Phoksundo Lake:

Shey Phoksundo Lake located in Dolpa is the most important and most beautiful lake in Nepal.

Shey Phoksundo Lake
Shey Phoksundo Lake

This lake is located within Shey Phoksundo National Park, the largest national park in Nepal. Located at an altitude of 3611.5 meters, this lake has an area of ​​494 ha (1.91 sq mi) in size.

3. Syarpu Lake: 

Syarpu Lake is located at 1372 meters in Banphikot village of Rukum West district. The area of ​​this lake is 2.6 km2. Domestic and foreign tourists who visit this lake often do not return without tasting the fish here.

Syarpu Lake, West Rukum
Syarpu Lake, West Rukum

The locals have been using the lake for fishing. In the month of Bhadra Ashoj, the lake looks even more beautiful and attractive. Due to the road facility, it is easy to reach Syarpu Lake, and the number of tourists is increasing here.

3. Digre Temple:

Digre Temple: Digre Saikumari temple is an important religious and tourist destination of Rukum West. It is believed that after reaching here, one’s wishes will be fulfilled.

Digre Temple [Rukum]
Digre Temple [Rukum]
This festival is celebrated every year from Hari Bodani Ekadashi to Kartik Shukla Purnima. Thousands of pilgrims coming from all over the country are entertained by the Sagaal dance or stick dance, Mayur Nach, traditionally performed by local residents.

4. Sankh:

Sankh, a village in Mushikot Municipality-7 is one of the beautiful villages of Rukum West. There is a small “Daha” in the middle of this village. Every year on the 15th of January, “Papini Mela” is held near this day, and there is a tradition of getting married dramatically in this fair.

5. Musi Dada:

Musi Dada, which has a natural, cultural, as well as historical, heritage, is also within the Musikot Municipality.

6. Machhmi Jiula:

Machhmi Jiula, which is the granary of Rukum West district, looks very attractive in the season of paddy in the month of Ashoj, Kartik, and wheat and mustard in Falgun, Chaitra. The river flowing through the side of the village has also increased the beauty of the village.

7. Arma Lekh:

Arma Lekh is one of the undiscovered destinations situated in Karnali. Along with being naturally beautiful, the surrounding villages are also rich in terms of their cultural traditions.

8. Muse Jharana:

Muse Jharana is located at Sanibheri Gaupalika Ward No 4.

Muse Jharana
Muse Jharana

This waterfall looks very big and attractive for 6 to 8 months of the year. The main source of this Jharana is at the top of Maurakhara Lekh.

9. Maurakhara:

Maurakhara Lake is an area with strong potential in Sanibheri Gaupalika in terms of tourism.

Maurakhara Lake

Since it was a place where Maoist fighters lived and trained during the conflict period and made various plans, to preserve the memory of the Civil War period, a Marathon race is held in Maurakhara every year on Civil War Day.

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