Sisneri Waterfall: Natural Swimming Pool of Nepal || Makwanpur

Sisneri Waterfall Natural Swimming Pool of Nepal Makwanpur

Makwanpur district is one of the seventy-seven districts of Nepal, and a part of Bagmati Province. It covers an area of 2,426km and had a population of 392,604 in 2001 and 420,477 in 2011.

Sisneri Waterfall: Natural Swimming Pool of Nepal || Makwanpur:

Detailed Information

  • District: Makwanpur
  • Place: Sisneri
  • Duration: 2-3 hours Drive
  • Entry Fee: Rs 50 entry charges
  • Facilities: Changing Room, and Parking Available¬†
Sisneri Waterfall

Sisneri is a beautiful place near Kathmandu located in the Makwanpur district. It is one of the best waterfalls to visit near Kathmandu. It is located approximately 33km away from Kathmandu. The main attraction of Sisneri is its Natural Swimming Pool with cold crystal water. It is situated in a remote village near Kathmandu away from the bustle of the city, a perfect place to spend your weekend nearby.

However, there are many swimming pools near Kathmandu Valley, but the beauty of Sisneri is different. During the summer, many visitors come there for swimming. The natural swimming pool of Sisneri is deep with slippery stones. Furthermore, changing rooms and parking spaces are also available.

How can you reach Sisneri Natural Swimming Pool?

Sisneri is around 33km away from the Kathmandu through Dakshinkali route. Also, Bhaisepati is the other way to reach which is the shorter route compared to Dakshinkali.

Sisneri Natural Swimming Pool
Sisneri Natural Swimming Pool

Dakshinkali is about 14km away from Kathmandu, it takes about an hour to reach by private vehicle.

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