Baikuntha Taal (Baikunthadham) || Hidden Place in Chitwan [Tourist Destination]

Hidden place to visit in 2024.. [2024 Updated] 

Chitwan is one of the 77 districts of Nepal of Bagmati province. The largest city of Nepal after Kathmandu, is Bharatpur with a total area of 2,238.39 kmand a population of 579,984.

Baikuntha Taal (Baikunthadham) || Hidden Place in Chitwan: One of the beautiful hidden places situated in Chitwan is Baikuntha Taal/Lake.

Baikuntha Taal is one of the most beautiful and popular tourist destinations situated in Chitwan, Madi. This place also known as Waterfall Madi is the place for water lovers. Both local and foreign tourists can visit this place. Baikuntha Lake is also known as Baikunthdham.

Baikuntha is for those people who love being around water. This place offers an amazing view to the visitors from the natural water spring.

Bharatpur, Chitwan, is around 55km away from Baikuntha. Another attraction near this place is Chepang Village.

Baikuntha Taal (Baikunthadham) || Hidden Place in Chitwan [Tourist Destination]
Baikuntha Taal (Baikunthadham) || Hidden Place in Chitwan [Tourist Destination]
Along with Chepang Village, there is a Gandharva community, where you can enjoy the hospitality, staying in the homestay. The food to enjoy when visiting Taal is their typical local meal.

Most of the people visit Hidden Place in Chitwan, Baikuntha Taal during the summer to enjoy the waterfall.

Transportation – 2024 Updated

Baikuntha Taal is around 55km away from Bharatpur, Chitwan, it approximately takes two and half hours to reach this lake.

Furthermore, you will have to hike for 30 minutes to reach Baikuntha from Madi Road.

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