Pugmo || Hidden Place in Dolpa, Karnali

Pugmo Hidden Place in Dolpa, Karnali

Dolpa is one of Nepal’s most remote districts. When traveling to Dolpa, you might get a feeling of a different world. There are no roadways or footways going to this district.

Therefore, you should travel by air flight to get to the district headquarters, which is not only expensive but also challenging to reach.

Pugmo || Hidden Place in Karnali : 2024 Updated 

Pugmo is one of the villages in the Phoksundo Village Development Committee (VDC), 23 VDCs in the Dolpa District of Nepal’s North-West Himalayan Region. Pugmo Village is a remote area that is away from the district headquarters/airport. In addition to this, there is a lack of basic development infrastructure, such as communication, health care, and educational institutions.

Pugmo village is a group of three villages i.e. Pungmo, Punikha, and Gumba. This village is covered by mountains with everlasting snow. Villages here are mainly encircled by rocky terraces, pasturelands, isolated forest patches, mountain peaks, and some farmlands.

Pugmo || Hidden Place in Dolpa, Karnali
Pugmo || Hidden Place in Dolpa, Karnali

The elderly people stated that they arrived in Pugmo village from the northern region of Tibet and have lived there for more than ten generations around three generations.

This village is home to 44 families. The people here follow the Buddhist religion. The major occupation of the people in this village is agriculture and livestock.

It takes around two days of normal walking distance from the district headquarters or the district airport to reach the Pungmo Village, so you must be prepared well while traveling here.

The Pugmo village is based according to its own set of customs.

The important customary institution is called “Yulthim”, and it is made up of various sub-rules and sub-institutions, including Torema, Ngyokai, Ringkai, Chankai,  and Singkai.

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