Yulsaa Taal Gotichaur [Jumla to Yulsa Taal] 4 days Itinerary

Yulsaa Taal

Located: Angulte Patan, Jumla, Karnali Pradesh

Above Sea Level: 4,200 meters

Country: Nepal

Many people may be unaware of Yulsaa Taal, which is located in the Gotichaur municipality of Jumla, Karnali. Similarly, Yul Means Village and saa means location.

Yulsaa Trek is a virgin trail that provides insights into the culture and way of life of the Bhon people. We can see breathtaking views of peaks such as Patasrasi, Maure Lake, Bhanga laa Pass, etc.

All About Yulsaa Taal (Gotichar, Jumla)

The Yulsaa Taal is located in Gotichar, Jumla, and is above 4200m above sea level. Big rocky mountains with beautiful views surround it.

View from Yulsaa Taal

The beautiful looks of the taal have attracted many tourists and it is also an important pilgrimage site.

According to local people, Yul means village, and saa means location. The taal is worshipped by all the people to protect their village, family, and relationship.

It is also believed that whoever drinks water from that pond people’s strength increases and becomes attractive, and those who don’t have infants gets babies.

Yulsaa taal, our sciences are cleansed away, our bodies become purified and blessed, and our prayers and wishes are taken lightly.

The Taal is one of the most beautiful places for hiking, as we can see beautiful landscapes, monasteries, flower gardens, and different herbs like wild mushrooms (Karcho).

People usually go hiking to worship and enjoy the natural beautiful environment.

On the way, there is also located one of the oldest Gumba of the Julma.

It is better to take tents and other necessary things on the journey because you may not find any hotels or get to stay in villages at higher altitudes.

Trip From Jumla to Yulsa Taal [4 days Itinerary]

Here is the itinerary from Jumla to Yulsa Tall which will take you around 4 days.

Day 1: Drive or ride from Jumla to Chhotra or Chhopa Village and the distance is around 3100m. (Night Stay)

Day 2: Chhotra or Choopa Village to Angulte Patan ( total distance 3800m.)

Day 3: Explore the Yilsaa Taal, Relax, and return to Chotra and Chopa Village.

Day 4: Chhotra village to Jumla return 2 hrs. on bike or vehicle.

The total distance from Chhotra or Chhotra Village is 10 Km but because of the high altitude, people can feel low Oxygen.


Where is Yulsaa Taal located ?

Yulsaa Taal is located in Jumla Karnali Pradesh, Nepal.

How many days does it take to go to Yulsaa Taal?

It takes 3-4 days to reach Yulsaa Taal.

In how many days we can finish our Yulsaa Taal Trip?

We can complete our trip in 7 to 8 days.

What is the meaning of the Yulsaa Taal?

Its meaning is Yul means village and saa means location.

Destination: Jagadulla Lake – A Lake Famous For its Unique Heart Shape, 7 days.

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