Top four List of Highest Waterfalls in Nepal

Waterfalls in Nepal

Famous Top Highest Waterfalls in Nepal – 2024 Updated……..

Nepal is a beautiful landlocked country in South Asia, situated in the Himalayas. With a unique gift of natural beauty, Nepal is not only the second richest country in water resources but also a unique art piece of beautiful water flow. Nepal is an amazing entry point for all the adventure seekers.

Top four List of Highest Waterfalls in Nepal: There are many waterfalls in Nepal, but some of the most popular are located in the mountains like:



Fall Height (m)

Pachal Waterfall Kalikot District 481m
Hyatung Waterfall Terhathum District 365m
Tindhare Jhara Kavrepalanchowk District 30om
Pokali Waterfall Okhaldhunga District 130m

1. Pachal Waterfall

Pachal Waterfall [Kalikot District]
Pachal Waterfall [Kalikot District] Waterfalls in Nepal
Pachal Waterfall i.e. a unique beauty created by nature. Pachal Falls is the highest waterfall in South Asia with a height of 381 meters.

Pachal Jharna, located in the Kalikot district of Karnali province, is ranked 64th among the hundred tourist destinations in the country.

How can you reach Pachal Waterfall? (Waterfalls in Nepal)

To reach this place, which is about 49 km from the headquarters of Manma, the journey to Pachal Falls is decided after crossing the suspension bridge of Lafa via Sannighat, Phugad towards Karnali.

After walking about 27 kilometers from Jitebagar in Calikot, you will reach Lafagaon. Lafagaon on the banks of the Karnali River is the confluence of the river Lafagad and Karnali River flowing from the Pachal Falls.

Way to Pachal Waterfall: Kalikot- Jitagda Bazar- Lafa Bridge- Pachal Waterfall

2. Hyatung Waterfall

Hyatung/Hyatrung Waterfall which lies between Ishibu and Samdu VDCs of Terhathum district in the Koshi Zone of Eastern Nepal. The height of this waterfall is 365m, also known as the second-highest waterfall in Nepal and fourth fourth-highest waterfall in Asia.

Hyatung Waterfall [Terhathum District]
Hyatung Waterfall [Terhathum District] Waterfalls in Nepal
To attract tourists to this area, efforts are being made but the proper facilities are not available. This waterfall is said to be one day’s walk from Myanglung Bazaar.

Way to Hyatung Waterfall: Dharan – Dhankuta – Hile – Myanlung – Batase – Hyathung

3. Pokali Waterfall

Pokali Waterfall is situated in the Okhaldhunga district of Nepal and flows to the Likhu River. Also, Pokali Waterfall is one of the second tallest waterfalls in Nepal with a fall height of 130 meters.

Pokali Waterfall [Okhaldhunga District]
Pokali Waterfall [Okhaldhunga District] Waterfalls in Nepal
Furthermore, there is a Madhav temple near the waterfall, visited by Hindus from nearby districts. Once a year, to promote tourism activities, festivals are held near the waterfall, as it is considered an attractive spot for a popular tourist destination.

4. Tindhare Waterfall

Tindhare Waterfall is a beautiful waterfall located in Roshi Rural Municipality of Kavrepalanchowk (Kavre) District in Nepal, with a fall height of 300 meters (980ft). Also, it is well known as Bahubali (a Bollywood movie) Jharana.

Tindhare Waterfall [Kavrepalanchowk District]
Tindhare Waterfall [Kavrepalanchowk District] Waterfalls in Nepal
This waterfall can be reached by road from Kathmandu via Dhulikhel, Namoboddha, and Dapcha, and is around 60km away from Kathmandu.


  1. Kathmandu – Dhulikhel – Namobuddha – Dapcha to Jharuwakhola by road (65 KM – Approximately 5 hours drive)
  2. Hike for an hour from Jharuwakhola to Kafaldada and reach Tindhare Waterfall.

Destination: Shashwat Dham [CG Temple]- Tourist Destination || Nawalpur

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