Matepani Gumba- Buddhist Monastery || Pokhara, Nepal

Pokhara is one of the centres of the travel and tourism sector and the heart of the amazing and peaceful country, of Nepal. Matepani Monastery or the Matepani Gumba is also one of the beautiful destinations located in Pokhara, Kaski District near the Kandahar region.

Brief Introduction to Matepani Gumba [2024 Updated]

Matepani Gumba is located in the Western Nepali region of Matepani, Kundahar in the Kaski District of the Gandaki Zone of Pokhara. It was established in 1960 AD by the Nyeshang people who moved from Manang to Pokhara. This Gumba or monastery is 5km from Mahendrapul, located on a small hill to the east of Pokhara, on the top of green hill mountain.

Interior of Matepani Gumba

Matepani Gumba’s interior is brightly decorated with elaborate murals that depict the stories from the life of Buddha and myth related to the various gods which make up the religion.

You will get to see the beautiful monuments or sculptures of Lord Buddha in Matepani Gumba as well as other 11-foot-tall statues which will surely capture your attention.

Monks Worshipping

Several times a day one of the Buddhist monks loudly announces the time for prayer by grabbing a gong, and all the students and teachers of the monastery come out of their dormitories and offices to enter the grand hall of the gumba.

These prayers are usually held in the morning and late afternoon. However, if there is any special event or holiday the monks may spend the entire day chanting prayers and mantras. You may even be invited to sit in on one of the prayers, depending on how strict the temple is or how many friends you made with the resident monks.

How can you reach to Matepani Gumba? Transportation

Local transportation is available from Mahendrapul via Kahukhola. Also, taxis and private cars are available. It may be tough for the two-wheelers riding the steep hill at a certain point, where you may have to make a short walk to reach the destination. In between the short walk, you will end up with an amazing view of Pokhara and Mt Machapuchre.

After arriving Gumba, you will be warmly welcomed by the monks to all the visitors. Away from the busy city life, Matepani Gumba provides a wonderful peaceful environment, it will be an excellent choice if you want to relax or visit a holy site while in Pokhara.

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