Maikot Village East Rukum [5 Days Itinerary]

Maikot Village East Rukum

Unexplored places, Maikot Village, located in East Rukum is a must-visit place in 2024. 

Located: Maikot Village, East Rukum

Country: Nepal

Maikot Village East Rukum: The hidden beauty of East Rukum is known as Maikot Village. Many people are unaware of Maikot Village. The village is known as the last village of Eastern Rukum.

All About Maikot Village [Maikot Village East Rukum]

Maikot Village is known as the last village of east Rukum. The village is also known for the people and their language.

Maikot Village East Rukum
Maikot Devithan [Maikot Village East Rukum]
Many people speak the Kham language along the Hukam Khola. Takale speakers use Nepali loan words and codeswitch more frequently than they do. For this reason, some Maikoti Kham speakers expressed negative attitudes towards the Takale dialect.

There are 150 houses where all the people live jointly and share each other ground. 150 houses are made jointly with narrow space by sharing each other feelings and sorrows.

There is also a religious temple Maikot Devithan which is also known as the origin of Hindu culture. All the people follow the Hindu religion.

Trip from Taksera to Maikot Village [5 Days Itinerary]

Maikot Village East Rukum
View from Maikot Village [Maikot Village East Rukum]
Day 1: Drive or ride from Taksera to Hukam

Day 2: Hiking started from Hukam to MaiKot (5 to 7-hour walking)

Day 3: Explore the village and relax

Day 4: Hike back to Hukam

Day 5: Ride or Drive back to Taksera

FAQs of Maikot Village East Rukum

Where is Maikot Village Located?

Maikot village is located in the east of Rukum.

How many days does it take to go to Maikot Village?

It takes 4-5 days to go to Maikot Village.

Maikot Village is known for?

Maikot village is known as the last village of east Rukum.

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