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Paul George

In today’s world of sports, NBA star Paul George’s name resonates with power and talent. But as fans cheer for his on-court exploits, there’s an inspiring love story playing out off the court with his wife, Daniela Rajic.

Here’s a closer look at their love journey and the life they’ve built together.

Paul George, a celebrated NBA player, has found his match in Daniela Rajic, a former model and businesswoman. Their connection, spanning nearly ten years, is blessed with three children and is a testament to their unwavering love.

Summary of paul george wife

Key Points Details
Couple Paul George and Daniela Rajic
Relationship Duration Nearly a decade
Children Three: Olivia, Natasha, and Paul
Daniela’s Background Model, Entrepreneur; Serbian-American heritage
Marriage June 2022
Charitable Endeavors George Family Foundation
Media Coverage Featured in People, Sports Illustrated

Paul George’s Early Life and Relationships

Born in 1990, Paul George’s journey started in Palmdale, California. His outstanding basketball skills led to his selection by the Indiana Pacers in 2010. Over the years, he’s not only made headlines with his game but also with his love life.

Paul George Wright and His Family

Interestingly, another Paul George Wright, born in 1955, has a life story worth mentioning. With a loving wife named Joanna Wright and a family in Little Falls, Minnesota, he leads a life distinct from the NBA star.

The Love Story of Paul George and Daniela Rajic

2013 marked the beginning of a romantic saga when Paul George met Daniela Rajic. Their bond strengthened over time, leading to George’s proposal in 2020 and their eventual marriage in June 2022.

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Daniela Rajic’s Background

Daniela, born in Queens, New York, in 1990, boasts a rich Serbian-American heritage. From gracing campaigns for brands like Nike to launching her swimwear line “Nude Swim” in 2020, she’s made significant strides in the modeling world.

Paul George and Daniela Rajic’s Marriage

Since tying the knot in 2022, the couple, though fiercely private, occasionally offers glimpses of their cherished family moments on social platforms. Together, they have three children: Olivia, Natasha, and Paul.

The Family Life of Paul George

While Paul’s on-court heroics captivate many, his off-court role as a doting father and loving husband showcases his true character. Alongside Daniela, he actively engages in charitable work, emphasizing education and sports initiatives for youth.

Media Coverage and Public Interest

Their union hasn’t escaped media attention, with features in magazines like People and Sports Illustrated. The media landscape is filled with stories reflecting the couple’s journey and their rising prominence in the public eye.


Paul George and Daniela Rajic embody a heartwarming narrative of love, commitment, and family. As they continue their journey, they not only leave an indelible mark on the basketball court but also inspire many with their off-court endeavors.


1. Who is Paul George’s wife?

Daniela Rajic, a former model and entrepreneur.

2. How many children do they have?

They are blessed with three children.

3. When did they get married?

Paul and Daniela got married in June 2022.

4. What is Daniela Rajic known for besides being Paul George’s wife?

She is known for her modeling career and her swimwear line, Nude Swim.

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