Jagadulla Lake – A Lake Famous For it’s Unique Heart Shape, 7 days

Jagadulla Lake

In this article, let us explore the Jagadulla Lake, a clean and fresh lake situated in the Dopla District of Nepal, at an elevation of 4700 meters sea level. 

Located: Dolma District

Above Sea Level: 4700 meters

Lake Famous For it’s Unique Heart Shape: Jagadulla Lake

Many people might not know about Jagadulla Lake, Jagadulal Lake is a clean and fresh lake located at Jagdulla Rural Municipality in Dolpa District of Nepal above the sea level of 4700. This lake is called a hidden gem in the beautiful district of Dolpa.

Previously, it was also called a Dudh Kunda however later on it was called Rakxes Daha, not it’s famous as Prem Taal because the lake has a unique heart shape.

Jagadulla Taal
Jagadulla Lake Dolpa

Jagadulla serves as a destination for both religious Hindus and Buddhists. The lakes in the region are revered by the locals who think they can wash away sins and cure all illnesses namely Phoksundo, Jagadulla, Regma, and Putha.

For the Dolpa People, the lakes hold special meaning. During its season, this place’s grassland is also famous for plugging Yarchagumba(Summar Grass and Winter Worm), which is also known as a Himalayan Aphrodisiac found only at an altitude of 4000-5000 meters.

However, it is only a seven-day trip from Kathmandu but it depends on how many hours you can walk in a day.

Trip from Kathmandu to Jagadulla Lake [Itinerary] Updated 2024

Here is the Itinerary of Jagadulla Lake from Kathmandu. The Itinerary describes a seven-day trip from Kathamndu to Jagadulla Lake. 

Day 1 Flight or Drive from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj
Day 2 Flight from Nepalgunj to Juphal, Dolpa and to Liku
Day 3 Trek from Liku to Hurikot
Day 4 Trek from Hurikot to Jagadulla
Day 5 Explore the Lake and Relax
Day 6 Trek Back to Hurikot
Day 7 Drive to Jumla

 How to reach Jagadulla?

Trip 1: From Kathmandu To Nepalgunj

You can take a flight or a bus to go to Nepalgunj from Kathmandu. Approximately it takes 10 – 12 hours by bus, Additionally, Summit Air offers, a direct route from Nepalgunj Airport to Juphal Airport in Dolpa.

Trip 2: From Nepalgunj to Juphal Airport (Flight), Drive to Likhu

The next day you can take an early morning flight that flies to Juphal Airport, the gateway of Dolpa. Without wasting much time can, you move to Likhu by Jeep. Overnight homestay at Likhu.

Trip 3: Trek to Haurikot, Kaigaun

From Likhu it takes six hours to get to Kaigaun, a village at Jagadulla Rural Municipality, also called lower Jagadulla. This region is remote so, it’s difficult to get any connecting vehicles.

Jagadulla Lake
Jagadulla Lake Dolpa

Trip 4: Kaigaun to Jagadulla Lake

There is no established trail that led to Jagadulla until now. However, the local people of the Region have discovered a passage on the west side of Tang Tunge Patan (grassland) which leads the way to Jagadulla Lake.

After a hard push of 8 to 9 hours walk you can get to the lakes.

You better take all your own stuff and have enough food with you for a few days cause there are no settlements higher up. It’s also a good idea if you bring a native porter or a guide with you.

Trip 5: Explore Jagadulla Lake

On this day, you take take rest and care of your legs. The Local harvesters harvest for yarchagumba in the fields that lead to the lake and those that surround it. Moreover, you can explore the place, explore the lake’s old heritages (Gumbas), click photos, and enjoy the beauty.

Trip 6: Back to Kaigaun

After you enjoy the beauty, it is time to go back all the way you came through after admiring the beauty. Depending on your preferred route back to Nepalgunj, find your way to Jumla or Juphal and Nepaljung to Kathmandu.

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Where is Jagadulla Lake Located?

Jagdulla Lake is located in Jagdulla Rural Municipality in Dolpa District of Nepal.

How many Days does it take to go to Jagadulla Lake?

It takes 3 -4 days to go to Jagadulla Lake.

Jagadulla lakes are also called?

It’s also called a Unique heart-shaped lake.

In how many days we can finish our Jagadulla Lake Trip?

In 7 – 8 days we can finish our Jagadulla Trip.

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