Skywalk Tower Kathmandu Ticket Price, Exact Height, What is Inside the Skywalk Tower?


A new Asian tallest tower has been added to the tourist attraction area in Nepal, Kathmandu, and Kamaladi. It is called Skywalk Tower Kathmandu. On June 30, 2023 Friday the renowned Sky Walk tower opened with a height of 78.5-meter.

According to the company’s chairman, Akarshan Pokharel “The main attraction here is the skywalk,”

“It’s not just a view tower where you can go to a high place and look outside, it’s a pure skywalk, from where you can walk on glass with the surrounding view, it feels exciting,” Shrestha relishes.

New Tourist destination unlocked – Skywalk Tower (78 Meters)

Opening time 8 Am – Closing time 8 pm

What is the Ticket Price of Skywalk Tower?

– Rs 1000 per person for 30 minutes

Skywalk Tower Kathmandu ticket price Ticket cost
General public Rs 1,000
People 70 – 80 years of age Rs 500
Those above 80 y/ below 3 feet Free

Managing Director Sohan Shrestha said,  “There is no doubt about safety, even the Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) and Tourism Department have given permission only after repeated inspections.”

Skywalk Tower Opens in Kathmandu- South Asia’s “Tallest” Tower

The Skywalk Tower is located at Kamaladi, Kathmandu, Nepal which allows 500 people at once. In the initial phase, the company only allowed  250 to 300 people. It was built with private investment and it took Rs 2 billion to complete.
Sky Walk tower has opened in Kathmandu (Friday, June 30, 2023)

Also, the Skywalk Tower uses 33 mm steel which is a British standard, Shrestha states. This Tower is built on a land of over 13 ropani 4 ana and of 5,000 square feet. As per the sources, it’s said that there is a plan to add bungee jumping in the near future.

They can use one of the 2 elevators to reach the 18th floor and then reach the 22nd floor to observe the outside view.

It’s built with the main purpose of visitors walking on glass panels and enjoying a birds-eye view of the city.

The Sky Walk Tower has Four Floors, where one is the lobby two will have restaurants, and the remaining top floor, there will be a ‘skywalk’ — an observation center that offers a 360-degree panoramic view of the Kathmandu Valley.

Construction on the Tower was delayed by the COVID-19 Pandemic. According to Managing Director Sohan Shrestha said that investment has also increased over time due to Covid-19.

SKyWalkTower- Find Out Ticket Price Details

What can we get inside the Skywalk Tower in Kathmandu?

1. Restaurant [Available] in Skywalk Tower

There will be a beautiful restaurant with a variety of dishes like burgers, pizzas, momo, and chowmein (noodles). “All types of foods you choose and look for can be found inside the compound,” Chairman Pokharel said, “Initially, only restaurants on the premises can be used.

Additionally, the Restaurant will be at the top of the tower. Also, the company claimed that they would provide Kathamdu’s best food at a good reasonable price in the restaurant

2. Amphitheatre [Available] in Skywalk Tower

However, there is no charges will be taken to get inside the restaurants or amphitheater inside the skywalk. Also, Managing Director Sohan Shrestha added “There is also an amphitheater for domestic tourists, and it requires no ticket. You only have to pay for the skywalk.”

3. Car parking [Available] in Skywalk Tower

Not only this, garden and parking facilities are also available. There is a parking space for 75 to 80 four-wheelers and about 300 two-wheelers.

Destination: Gusa Lek – Unexplored Place, Humla, Unapani village Nepal

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