Jiya KC Biography, Relationship, Age, Affair (Movie actress)

Jiya KC Biography, Relationship

Who is Jiya KC? – Biography [Updated 2024]

Jiya KC is a Nepalese actress and model who is better known for her controversial movie ATM. Jiya KC was featured in  Ho Yehi Maya Ho, Barbaad, Gigolo, Wrong Wa, and many more. Also, she is in the limelight with the famous celebrity partner Bhuwan KC.

Jiya KC: Biography, Relationship, Age

Birth Name: Jiya K.C (जिया केसी)

Active Acting Career: 2013- present

Age: N/A

Birth Date: 1985, 12th December

Birth Place: Birtamod, Jhapa, Nepal

Mother: N/A

Father: N/A

Nationality: Nepali

Ethnicity: Nepalis

Education: N/A

Movies: Jolly the Real Playboy, Valentine Dhoka, Part Time Romance

Her Childhood and Wiki

Born 12th December 
Birth Place Birtamode, Jhapa
Occupation Actress, Model
Known for Hot Actress, Controversial for Movie ATM
Movies ATM, Ho Yehi Maya Ho, Barbaad, Wrong Way,etc.
Controversy with Bhuwan KC

Jiya KC was born on 1985, 12th December in Birtamod, Jhapa, Nepal. She belongs to Nepali nationality and her ethnicity is Nepalis. She has been active in her acting career since 2013. Some of her movies include Jolly the Real Playboy, Valentine Dhoka, and Part-Time Romance.

Jiya Kc Biography
Jiya Kc Biography

The career of Jiya KC [Life Story]

Jiya KC has been interested in acting and photoshoots since she was young, she started debuting in the television series in the year 2013. Not only this, she is also well known for her hot and sexy photo shoot. Her first movie was Ho Yehi Maya Ho, similarly in the same year she was featured in two other movies, ATM (Any Time Masti), and Barbaad.

Following the year she was featured in four other television movies: Gigolo, Wrong Way, Bacha Timrai Ho ya Mann, and Rudrakchya. After that she started losing interest in her career so in the year 2015 she was only featured in Valentine Dhoka. However, she took a four-year break from her acting career and reunited in 2019 with a feature on Bacha.

Lastly, she has not had any roles as an actress but she worked as a line producer in Dream, the film which was directed by Bhuwan Kc.

List of Movies Played by Jiya KC

Here are some movies and television shows Jiya KC has played:

Ho Yehi Maya Ho, 2013
ATM (Any Time Masti), 2013
Barbaad, 2013
Gigolo, 2014
Wrong Way, 2014
Bacha Timari Ho ya Mann, 2014
Rudraksha, 2014
Valentine Dhoka, 2015
Bacha, 2019

Jiya KC- ATM [Any Time Masti]

Jiya Kc is a well-known actress who gained popularity after featuring in the popular controversial movie ATM. The movie ATM has gained huge negative publicity and it was released with a full trailer of Vulgar words and Hot scenes.

However, later on, the censor board rejected the movie and removed almost one-fifth of the movie.  Later on, again the movie was reshot and released but, it was immediately banned after some scenes were shown in the theatre.

After the Controversy with ATM, She discovered that she was in the spotlight of the Nepalese film industry.

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Hot Photos of Jiya KC (Biography)

Jiya is one of the hottest models in the Nepali Entertainment Industry, she is widely known in the Youth for her hotness. Before she used to click hot and impressive photo shots during the events. Jiya is one of the hot actresses and models from Biratmode who has played in around half a dozen of Nepali movies.

Jiya Kc Hot photo
Nepali Actress Jiya KC Hot Photo

The hot and impressive Nepali actress Jiya KC got recent rumors regarding an affair with Bhuwan KC. To know more we have listed some facts about her controversy below;

Living With Bhuwan KC [Controversy with Bhuwan KC]

Jiya KC Biography
Jiya KC Biography (Controversy with Bhuwan KC)

Jiya is currently having an affair with Married actor and director Bhuwan KC.  Some sources have revealed that Bhuwan Kc used to visit Jiya Kc on her set during the film ATM.

According to the paparazzi, they were spotted dining together in a restaurant, and it was also confirmed that Jyia Kc admitted that she had spent a night living together in Bhuwan’s Home.

Additionally, The couple has been discovered together in public, notably during the filming of Bhuwan Bhuwan KC’s Dreams, where Jiya KC performed the role of a line producer, and similarly, during the screening of Jerryy, a film starring Bhuwan’s son, Anmol KC.

Height, Weight

Jiya KC’s height stands at 5 feet 5 inches besides, her weight and body size information are missing.

Quick FAQs

Who is Jiya KC?

Jiya is a Nepali actress.

What is the Height of  Jiya KC?

Jiya Kc’s height stands at 5 feet 5 inches.

Which is her first film?

Ho Yehi Maya Ho is her very first film debut.

What is her relationship with Bhuwan Kc?

She is having an affair with film director Bhuwan Kc.

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