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Kichakbadh Temple

The historical place, Kichakbadh is located in Kachankawal Rural Municipality…

Kechana Kawal is located in Kachankawal Rural Municipality, the lowest place in Nepal, Province No.1 in Nepal. It is situated at a height of 60 meters (200ft) above sea level. Earlier, this place was announced as the lowest point in Nepal.

Kichakbadh Temple

Kichakbadh Temple is a place located in Prithivinagar, Jhapa holds religious and historical importance and lies in Bhadrapur Municipality-2, Jhapa, Nepal. Kichakbadh covers an area of land which is around ten bighas (25084 square meters). This place holds religious and historical significance. Kichakbadh Temple was built by King Mahendra.

When the archaeology department constructed the area, they found the 2000-year-old palace. During the excavation in 2002, archaeologists saw clay bricks with the Swastik sign written on them.

This temple was named after the character Kichhak, who died in the Mahabharata for his bad behavior toward the Pandava queen Draupadi, as per the Keshab Prasad Dhungana, the 64-year-old priest of the temple. Likewise, there are two statues in Kichakbadh displaying Bhimsen killing Kichak. The Kichakbadh Temple is surrounded by forests, green trees, and jungles.

Kichakbadh Temple
Kichakbadh Temple

Along with many temples and statues, this temple organizes a Mela on the temple every year. This Mela takes place in the first week of Falgun. In the old pond of Kichakbadh, the local people especially the Rajbanshi community host a special puja. Maghe Sukla Purnima is celebrated every year by the local people.

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