Districts List Of Province No 5 Lumbini [12 Districts with Names] – Nepal

Districts List Of Lumbini Province [12 Districts with Names]

Nepal is a landlocked country located in South Asia. Nepal has occupied 147, 516 Km2 with a total population estimated at 30,896,590 people at mid-year.  

“Districts List Of Lumbini Province of My Country Nepal”

Districts List Of Lumbini Province with Headquarters and Area:

It is bordered by the Tibet Autonomous Region of China to the north, and India to the south, east, and west.  Nepali is the official language of Nepal.


Similarly, Nepal is divided into three regions 77 districts and 7 provinces. The three regions of Nepal are:

  1. Himalayan Region
  2. Hilly Region
  3. Terai Region
1 Biratnagar
2 Madhesh Janakpur
3 Bagmati Hetauda
4 Gandaki Pokhara
5 Lumbini Bhaluwang
6 Karnali Surkhet
7 Sudur Paschim Godawari


Districts *Local
14 137 1
8 136 1
13 119 3
11 85 1
12 109
10 79
9 88


Submeteropolises Municipalities Gaunpalikas *Area
2 46 88 17.6
3 73 59 6.6
1 41 74 13.8
26 58 15.3
4 32 73 11.8
25 54 21.6
1 33 54 13.3

Quick FAQs [Districts List Of Lumbini Province]

How many provinces are there in Nepal?

Altogether, there are seven provinces in Nepal.

How many districts are there in Lumbini Province?

There are 12 districts out of 77 districts in Lumbini Province.

Who is the Chief Minister of Province no 5?

 Dilli Bahadur Chaudhary (Congress) is the new Chief Minister of Province no 5.

How much area is covered by Bagmati Province?

The Bagmati Province covers an area of 22,288 km2  (8,605 sq mi). 

Which is the provincial capital of Lumbini Province?

Deukhuri is the provincial capital of Bagmati Province.

Districts List Of Lumbini Province [12 Districts with Names]
Districts List Of Lumbini Province [12 Districts with Names]

District list of Province no. 5 [Districts List Of Lumbini Province]

Here is the list of District located in Province no. 5, Lumbini Province:

Districts Nepali Headquarters Area (km2.)
Kapilvastu District कपिलवस्तु जिल्ला Taulihawa 1,738
Parasi District परासी जिल्ला Ramgram 634.88
Rupandehi District रुपन्देही जिल्ला Siddharthanagar 1,360
Arghakhanchi District अर्घाखाँची जिल्ला Sandhikharka 1,193
Gulmi District गुल्मी जिल्ला Tamghas 1,149
Palpa District पाल्पा जिल्ला Tansen 1,373
Dang District दाङ देउखुरी जिल्ला Ghorahi 2,955
Pyuthan District प्युठान जिल्ला Pyuthan 1,309
Rolpa District रोल्पा जिल्ला Liwang 1,879
Eastern Rukum District पूर्वी रूकुम जिल्ला Rukumkot 1,161.13
Banke District बाँके जिल्ला Nepalganj 2,337
Bardiya District बर्दिया जिल्ला Gulariya 2,025
Lumbini Province लुम्बिनी प्रदेश Deukhuri 22,288 km2

Districts List Of Lumbini Province:

Lumbini Province is divided into 12 districts out of 77 districts which lies in the western of Nepal.  

Additionally, the districts are divided into municipalities or rural municipalities. Out of Seven seven provinces Lumbini province is out of them which was established by the new constitution of Nepal on 20 September 2015.

The Lumbini Province covers an area of 22,288 km2  (8,605 sq mi) of the country’s total area. Deukhuri is the capital of Lumbini Province and Ghorahi is the Largest City of Lumbini Province.

Additionally, the chief minister of this province is Dilli Bahadur Chaudhary (Congress) as of 2023. Similarly, about 15% of the total land is occupied by the protected forest in the province.

Adding up more info, the third largest province by area and the third largest by population. Lumbini is also located in the Lumbini province which is listed in World Heritage Sites.

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