Birat Pokhar: Historical Place in Birtamode || Jhapa, Nepal

Birat Pokhar Historical Place in Birtamode Jhapa, Nepal

Birtamod is a municipality and one of the largest cities in the Jhapa district of Nepal. Also, it is one of the fastest-growing cities in Nepal. It is Jhapa’s commercial, educational, and transportation center.

Some of the nearby local towns connected to Birtamod are Sarnamati Bazar, Dhulabari Bazar, Dhaijan Bazar, Charali Bazar, Shivasatakshi Bazar, Kamatoli Bazar, Chakchaki Bazar, and Surunga Bazar. 

 Birtamod Municipality, Jhapa

Name Birtamod Municipality
Province Province No.1 (Koshi)
District Jhapa
Area 78.24 km2
Population 146,795


Jhapa, is home to many religious sites and wetlands, some of the destinations you must visit while in Jhapa are: 

  1. Satakshi Dham
  2. Arjundhara Dham
  3. Kichakavadh
  4. Krishnathumki
  5. Jamunkhadi Wetland
  6. Hiledhap Wetland

Among these religious sites, Birat Pokhar is one of the religious sites in Birtamode, Jhapa. 

About Birat Pokhar – 2024 Updated

Birat Pokhar is one of the historical tourism destinations situated in Birtamode, Jhapa Nepal. Here in Birat, you can find seven different-sized ponds. According to the myth, it is said that these ponds have existed since the time of Mahabharata. King Birat used to come here to quench his thirst. Also, the locals here stated that Birat Pokhar is important to maintain the ecology of the region.

Furthermore, BiratPokhar is one of the well-known sites in Birtamod Municipality.

Birat Pokhar
BiratPokhar[Birtamod, Jhapa]


Which district does Birat Pokhar lie in?

Birat Pokhar is located in the Birtamod City of Jhapa District.

How far is Biratpokhar?

BiratPokhar lies about 4km away from the city of Birtamod.

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