The truth behind Shrisha Karki suicide case of 2002 | Fake or Real?

Veracity of Shrisha Karki suicide case of 2002 Reason

Read this article, to know what actually happened with Shrisha Karki in detail…

What Happened to Shrisha Karki? Suicide Case

Shrisha Karki was born in 1978 B.S died on October 13, 2002, in Bhaisepati. Shrisha Karki was a well-known actress in Nepal.

However, in the year August 2002, Actress Shrisha Karki committed suicide. When she committed suicide she was only 24 years old and after her death, she shocked the entire film industry. However, the film artists went to the roads with a demand to arrest and prosecute the journalist who published the photo in the newspaper Kishor Shrestha.

Kishor Shrestha, the editor of the weekly went into covering and everybody was looking after him. Also, the people of Nepal vandalized the newspaper office. But also Nobody was arrested or prosecuted.

After 16 years of the incident the journalist Kishor Shreths is acting chief of the official media watchdog of the Nepal Government, Press Council Nepal.

Here is the statement given by Karki’s family and by the journalist who published her photo in the newspaper.

According to Shrisha Karki’s family Statement

Shrisha Karki’s mother stated that she committed suicide after the blackmailing was given by the Journalist. According to the statement taken by the Nepali Film actor and Producer Ashik Sharma stated that this suicide was a planned murder. After the incident, the public protested and also joined the hand-in-hand protest of Jana Aastha’s weekly at that time.

Besides, this also some of the public vandalized the office of the newspaper and also demanded the to make out the journalist Kishor Shrestha.

 According to Kishor Shrestha’s Statement

Journalist Kishor Shrestha wrote an article explaining the incident. He explained that the publication of the photo was not the cause of the suicide. According to the statement given by Kishor Shrestha, the Nepali actress Shrisha used to work as a prostitute and was also charged Rs. 5,000 to 10,000 per night. Another actress Sunita Khadka used to give different actresses to their clients.

The Nepali actress who acted in Behuli and producer of Dharti Sunita Khadka whose real name was Shristi Sharma. Also, the journalist claimed that the actress was working as a mediator of actresses with businessmen, police officers, and army officers.

At that time the Nepali Shrisha went with police sub-inspector Kumud and the photo was taken by Kumud in his room also he said that her boyfriend was an army officer. After having issues with the army officer and police officer during the publication of the photo, she committed suicide.

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