Is Jessica Serfaty Ex-Husband Ididia Serfaty? Present Boyfriend an Italian Billionaire!

Is Jessica Serfaty Ex-Husband Ididia Serfaty Present Boyfriend an Italian Billionaire!

Many People eagre want to know who is Jessica Serfaty’s Husband When they got married and many more…

Who is Jessica Serfaty? [Updated 2024]

Jessica Serfaty is a well-known American actress, producer, and model who rose to prominence after being featured in America’s Next Top Model on Cycle 14 a reality show.

She has appeared in numerous films and television series in the year 2011 she made her debut in Short Film Faith and besides this, her horror and notable film work are, “Ryde,” the horror anthology “V/H/S: Viral,” and the films “FML,” “Ride,” “Roe v. Wade,” “The Professionals,” “Wheels of Fortune,” and “The Hack Job.

Prior to this, her notable acting roles as Sloan Petersen in the television soap opera “Days of Our Lives,” where she appeared in 51 episodes from 2022 to 2023.

Her acting ambitions, she has been also featured in many commercials for brands like “Doritos,” “Toyota,” and “McDonald’s.”

Similarly here is the answer to all your unsolved questions about Jessica Serfaty Husband.

Who Is Jessica Serfaty’s Husband Ididia Serfaty?

Talking about Jessica Serfaty’s husband, She was previously married to Ididia Serfaty. They met for the first time when Jessica was 16 years old and Ididia was 22 years old and they got married after Model and Actress Jessica got pregnant and gave birth to their son Roman.

They were happily living together until they got divorced, they got split off because Jessica Moved to Los Angeles for her modeling career

Ididia Serfaty is Jessica Serfaty’s ex-husband. They met when Jessica was 16, and Ididia was 22, and they got married after Jessica got pregnant and gave birth to their son, Roman.

They were a happy couple for a few years until Jessica moved to Los Angeles for her modeling career. This caused problems in their marriage, and Jessica decided to end it.

Also, Ididia wanted to save their marriage so he went back to Arkansas with his son after six months Jessica said that she wanted to focus on her modeling career and filed for a divorce. Father Ididia took his son custody and Jessica visited him in Arkansas during summer and Christmas as per the sources. Meanwhile, his father Ididia said that Jessica didn’t visit her sons often.

Jessica Serfaty Engagement To An Italian Billionaire! [Updated]

Interesting news has been out, Model and Actress Jessica Serfaty has exchanged her engagement ring with Italian billionaire Leonardo Maria Del Vecchio!

As per PEOPLE, The 32-year-old Days of Our Lives star was proposed to by Del Vecchio, a 28-year-old Italian eyewear Executive, with a gorgeous yellow diamond ring in Italy.

The romance proposal occurred in the beautiful Conca del Songo restaurant on Italy’s breathtaking Amalfi coast.

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