Lg G Pro Lite Price In Nepal, Specs, Review 2024

LG G Pro Lite Price in Nepal

What is the Price of Lg G Pro Lite in Nepal : 2024 Update

One of the top suppliers of consumer electronics worldwide is LG. A division of LG Mobile has been producing a range of smartphones to meet the demands of the general public. LG Mobile has been offering devices that speak to a wide range of consumers, from regular smartphone users to advanced users of technology. LG phones, which are undercut by competitors like Samsung, Nokia, and the iPhone, are making every effort to survive in this strong battle within the smartphone industry. Here, the LG G Pro Lite Price in Nepal is brief.

Still, LG has effectively reached the affordable segment of the Nepalese market. LG Mobiles, distributed by CG Electronics, offers a variety of smartphones in the “L series,” “Optimus Series,” and more modern “G series.” Here is the price of the LG G Pro Lite Price in Nepal.

The LG G Pro Lite Dual is one of these cell phones. At Rs. 34,199, this dual-SIM smartphone is affordable for the typical mid-range customer and the greatest option for a large-screen handset within its price range.

LG G Pro Lite Review: Lg G Pro Lite Price In Nepal, Specs, Review


The LG G Pro Lite Dual comes equipped with a 5.5-inch qHD IPS display. In this way, the pixel count increases to 200 ppi.

Despite the screen’s low pixel density, I found it to be quite pleasant. The only times you might witness a pixilation are when you read or, at the very least, browse the internet.

LG G Pro Lite
LG G Pro Lite Looks

Although the screen is prone to marks and glare from the sun, the viewing angles are very good. Although the device’s brightness is sufficient to offer interior lighting, it might be difficult to view text and images in powerful sunshine.


The LG G Pro Lite Dual features a typical smartphone body, similar to those of Samsung models. The standard refers to a typical polycarbonate back with a plastic body and a “metallic” bezel surrounding the body of the smartphone.

LG G Pro Lite
LG G Pro Lite

The Volume Rocker buttons and a separate, programmable shortcut button are located on the left. The Lock/Power Key is on the right. The micro-USB connector, dual speakers, and microphone are located below the device, while the 3.5mm headphone jack, noise-canceling secondary microphone, and infrared remote control for TVs and DVD players are situated on top.

Though accessible, the rear panel houses a microSD card, two GSM SIM cards, and a huge, replaceable 3140mAh battery.

The phone is light to hold and has a standard profile.

Software / User Interface

The LG G Pro Lite Dual runs stock Android Jelly Bean 2.2 with customized LG UI software. Although I really like how the settings menu is tabbed for easier browsing, I’m not a huge fan of the user interface.

By utilizing its huge 5.5-inch display, features like QSlide provides a method to multitask. The built-in Stylus pen is also compatible with the QuickMemo capabilities. If you enjoy painting with your phone, this is a great way to scribble brief notes and drawings.

The customization options are abundant, and the app drawer functions normally. I never had an issue with the “dodol launcher” on my smartphone, thus I was never concerned about the UI’s appearance. Furthermore, the LG UI’s Easy Home feature is a beneficial addition as it enables you to use your phone as a huge keypad phone, which is especially useful for senior and blind individuals.

You may choose which apps to launch when someone else uses your phone thanks to standard software like Guest Mode. As with the “Kids Corner” on Windows Phone 8 devices, this is a very useful addition.

Additionally, the phone’s built-in productivity is increased with pre-installed apps like Smart Share and Photos.

One positive is that there are rumors that this phone will soon receive a KitKat update.


This phone features a 720p video recorder and an 8-megapixel camera on the rear. Although the low-light pictures weren’t the best, I had no issues with the camera at all. The best feature, though, is its “Night mode,” which effectively adjusts exposure in low light and produces excellent pictures even in that situation.

Although it isn’t particularly good for taking pictures, the 1.3-megapixel camera on the front is useful for Instagrammers and selfies.

Gaming Performance:

You shouldn’t expect much from gaming with this child because of the device’s terrible graphics. It appears that overall performance, as opposed to regular hard-core gaming, was the focus of this phone’s design.

However, this phone struggles to play high-end games like Asphalt or Modern Combat, but it can still manage mid-range titles like Temple Run and Subway Surfers.


The Mediatek Cortex A9 CPU in this phone does a good job managing the operating system and applications. Better than the Cortex A7 processor seen in most mid-range gadgets is this dual-core 1 GHz processor. It was upsetting to me that the PowerVR SGX531 GPU handled the graphics. In the benchmark tests, which I’ve included here, I had extremely poor marks. AnTuTu gives the phone a score of 8406, which is simply “Not too bad.” The LG Optimus 2X, which is mediocre, was ranked “okay” by me. Although the processor performs admirably, the visuals are undoubtedly a drawback.

The phone has 8 GB of internal storage, but after installing your must-have apps and accounting for the space the operating system takes up, you will have about 3.5 GB of free space. Therefore, microSD card enthusiasts are recommended to insert it; as games and apps may be placed there, there shouldn’t be any issues.

LG G Pro Lite Price in Nepal
LG G Pro Lite Price in Nepal

The stylus pen on the LG G Pro Lite Dual is not as fancy as the one on the Note 3, but you can’t really compare this to a tablet that costs seventy thousand dollars, can you? It is a little less responsive, but it does a decent job of taking notes.

This smartphone has an A+ side, which is its battery, but it also has a drawback: the graphics. With a 3140 mAh battery, you can use it normally for 1.5 days without needing to charge it. This phone should easily last up to 8 hours if you use it for ordinary internet browsing, watching HD videos, and playing games nonstop. For its screen size, this is pretty impressive.


I believe this phone is suited for people who are not big gamers but enjoy using Facebook, other apps, and the internet because it has a great battery life, a decent camera, and “okay” gaming performance. Although a die-hard techie would not enjoy this gadget, a medium user won’t have any issues at all.


  • A large 5.5-inch display
  • Wonderful Battery
  • Stylus pen
  • Low-light camera


  • Average Gaming performance
  • LG UI
  • Lesser internal memory

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