Kristi Mainali: Biography, Age(53), Movies, Husband [Updated 2024]

Kristi Mainali: Biography, Age(53), Movies, Husband

Kristi Mainali is one of the well-known actresses in the Nepali film industry. At the age of 15, she entered the Nepali Cinema with the movie 1985 “Ke Ghar Ke Dera”, written by Madan Krishna Shrestha, Hari Bansha Acharya, Gopal Raj Mainali and directed by Pradip Rimal. Before entering Nepali Cinema, her name was Mina Khatri, she changed her name to Kristi KC after entering this industry. 

When was Kristi Mainali born?

Kristi Mainali was born in 1970 AD (2027 BS), however, her exact date of birth has not been disclosed. Not much information regarding her parents is known.

Full Name Kristi KC/Mainali
Date of Birth 1970 AD/2027 BS
Age (As of 2024) 53 years old
Debut Movie Ke Ghar Ke Dera
Husband Name Ujjwal Mainali
Children Two Daughters

Kristi Mainali: Marital Life

Kristi Mainali got married to Ujjwal Mainali. They are the parents of two beautiful daughters. Kristi is currently residing in New York, USA, with her family.

Kristi Mainali: Movies, Career

Kristi Mainali made her entry into the Nepali film industry in 1985 with the movie “Ke Ghar Ke Dera”. After this, she was seen in the movie “Santaan”, costarring Bhuwan KC which was also the debut movie of Karishma Manadhar and Gauri Malla.

Kristi has given many superhit movies like Tilhari, Trishna, Chino, Yug Dekhi Yug Samma, and many more. More than 5-6 movies were released in one year of Kristi’s.

Kristi worked with many famous artists of that time Rajesh Hamal, Bhuwan KC, Saroj Khanal, Shree Krishna Shrestha, Shiva Shrestha, and many more. She was seen as a partner in Rajesh Hamal in his first film, “Yug dekhi Yug Samma”. During the 11 year period between 2042, and 2053, Kristi Mainali appeared in about 30 films.

Kristi Mainali {Nepali Actress]
Kristi Mainali [Nepali Actress]
Most of the movies played by Kristi have been commercially successful in the Nepali Film Industry.


  • Ke Ghar Ke Dera (1985)
  • Santaan (1989)
  • Tilhari (1990)
  • Trishna (1991)
  • Chino (1991)
  • Lovi-Papi (1991) Guest Appearance
  • Yug Dekhi Yug Samma (1991)
  • Arpan (1992)
  • Arunima (1992)
  • Chokho Maya (1992)
  • Adhikar (1993)
  • Sankalpa (1993)
  • Kasam (1994)
  • Aparadh (1994)
  • Jhajhalko (1994)
  • Sapana (1994) Guest Appearance
  • Chatyang(1994) Guest Appearance)
  • Karja (1995)
  • Aaghat (1996)
  • Laxmi-Pooja (1996)
  • Paachauri (1996)
  • Ranko (1996)
  • Pariwaar (Ashok Sharma)
  • Gopi-Krishna (Rajesh Hamal)
  • Sadak (Rajesh Hamal /Saroj Khanal)
  • Radha-Krishna(Bhuwan K.C)

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