Essay on Dashain: The Festival of Unity

Dashain The Festival of Unity

Biggest Festival of Nepali People – Dashai [2024 Updated]

Dashain represents unity, the win of truth, and the start of happiness. It generally falls in the Nepali month of Ashwin (September). This festival starts from Ghatasthapana and ends on the day of Vijaya Dashami. On the first day of Dashain, i.e. Ghatasthapana, people grow seedlings Known as, Jamara in the holy corner of their homes.

Jamara in Dashain
Jamara in Dashain

The first nine days of the festivals are known as Navaratri, where the goddess Durga is worshipped. The seventh day i.e. Fulpati is the day when the priest helps to bring the Jamara from the Gorkha Durbar to Hanuman Dhoka in Kathmandu. From the day of Fulpati until the ninth day, people offer goats, ducks, buffaloes, and other birds or animals as sacrifices to Goddess Durga. The tenth day or Vijaya Dashami is the main Tika Festival of Dashain.

The Taleju Temple, which is normally closed on the other day, is open once a year on the ninth day. Many worshippers visit the goddess to pay respect, all day long the temple is filled with worshippers.

Day 10: Bijaya Dashami

On the main day of the festival i.e. Vijaya Dashami, people put Tika (made from red-colored rice seeds) on their forehead and Jamara on their head, receiving blessings for good health, long life, happiness, wealth, and prosperity. Elders bless younger relatives and give them Dakshina. The tradition of putting tika from all elderly relatives (even distant relatives) helps in the renewal of the community toes greatly. This is one of the reasons for the festivals for the strong and positive celebration.

Vijaya Dashami
Vijaya Dashami

Dashain is a festival where families come together to celebrate and have fun. Schools, offices, and businesses are closed and the people who live far away return home to celebrate with their family.


When was Dashain Tika in 2023?

Year Date Day Holiday
2023 October 15 Sunday Ghatasthapana
October 21 Saturday Fulpati
October 22 Sunday MahaAstami
October 23 Monday MahaNavami
October 24 Tuesday Vijaya Dashami
October 25 Wednesday Ekadashi
October 26 Thursday Dwadashi
October 28 Saturday Kojagat Purnima

What is the biggest festival in Nepal?

Dashain is one of the most important 15-day-long festivals celebrated in Nepal.

How many days do we celebrate Dashain?

Dashain is an auspicious festival which is celebrated for fifteen days throughout the country.

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