Ramesh Upreti and Kiran Rana Divorce|| Truth or Just a Rumour

Ramesh Upreti and Kiran Rana Divorce|| Truth or Just a Rumour

Divorce case of Nepali actor Ramesh Upreti and Kiran Rana – 2024 Updated….

Ramesh Upreti is a Nepalese actor well known for his work in the Nepali film industry. In the late 1990s and 2000s, he was one of the well-known actors.

He made his film debut in 1997, with the movie Karodpati. After a long break from acting, Ramesh Upreti returned to the industry with Bracelet (2016), and Aishwarya (2017).

Ramesh Upreti
Ramesh Upreti – Ramesh Upreti and Kiran Rana

Ramesh Upreti’s Marital Life (Ramesh Upreti and Kiran Rana)

Ramesh Upreti and Kiran Rana had a love marriage. Kiran, his wife was a few years older than Ramesh, was married before, and was divorced from her first husband. Kiran Rana’s marriage with Ramesh was her second marriage. Despite being married for a long time, they had no children together.

Ramesh Upreti, a popular Nepali actor moved to America as soon as he got married to Kiran Rana. Ramesh Upreti and Kiran Rana lived in America for more than 10 years. Ramesh Upreti came to Nepal to again be active in the Nepali film industry, but he returned to America stating that the Nepali industry was not the same as before.

Later, in 2014, Ramesh returned to Nepal and was again active in the Nepali film industry. He made a comeback in the film industry with the film “Bracelet”. Though the movie wasn’t commercially successful his comeback in the industry was appreciated by the audiences.

Also, the songs of the movie were popular. Then, he produced another movie “Aishwarya(2016)” which was successful.

Ramesh Upreti and Kiran Rana had a very good relationship after marriage for a long time. Kiran stated in an interview that, he added his wife Kiran to his social media name as the love for his wife, but now he has removed his wife’s name Kiran from his name to Ramesh Upreti on social media, which has made their fans suspect coldness in their relationship. Ramesh and Kiran previously resided in CG Homes in Budanilkantha; however, it is now reported that Ramesh has rented a flat in Budanilkantha and is living separately.

The reason behind the separation of Ramesh Upreti and his wife Kiran Rana:

Ramesh upreti wih his wife Kiran Rana
Ramesh Upreti with his wife Kiran Rana – Ramesh Upreti and Kiran Rana

Ramesh Uprei and his wife Kiran Rana decided to end their beautiful marriage after a long time of togetherness.  They have not, however, revealed anything about their divorce, or the exact date of the separation.

But as per the research, they have been divorced for a year now. When asked about his divorce from his wife in a recent interview he says, “नराम्रा सम्बन्धमा अल्झिनु भन्दा छुटीएको राम्रो”

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