Xiaomi Redmi G24 Monitor 4, Redmi Gaming Monitor G24 Updated Price in Nepal

Xiaomi Redmi G24

Xiaomi Redmi G24 24 Inch 165Hz Flat Gaming -Xiaomi Redmi G24 Monitor 4

I’ll go into detail about my use of the Redmi Gaming Monitor G24. Thus, inexpensive gaming monitors aren’t that great. To cut costs, they frequently give up on several important features including color accuracy, refresh rate, and even build quality. Now, meet this guy—the Xiaomi Redmi Gaming Monitor G24.

It is only $90 in China, and considering the price, the specs are incredible! It has a 24″ Full HD display with a refresh rate of 165 Hz, support for HDR10, and both Nvidia G-Sync and AMD FreeSync. Its additional features come with a 1ms response time, 120% sRGB, HDR 10, 3200:1 contrast ratio, and Adaptive-Sync features.  I realize it’s a little unbelievable that Redmi can get all of this at such a low price. I was thus quite interested to find out if this was a case of deceptive advertising.

Redmi Gaming Monitor G24 Specifications:

  • Display Size: 23.8-inch
  • Display Panel: VA panel
  • Resolution: FHD (1920 x 1080 pixels), 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Color Gamut: 120% sRGB with ΔE<2
  • Contrast Ratio: 3200:1
  • HDR: Yes (HDR10)
  • Refresh rate: 165Hz
  • Response Rate: 1ms (MPRT)
  • VRR: AMD FreeSync, NVIDIA G-Sync
  • Ports: 1x HDMI, 1x DisplayPort, 1x DC-in
  • Extras: DC Dimming. Low blue light mode, Cable management hub
  • Price in Nepal: Rs. 24,999

Xiaomi Redmi G24 Monitor Review:


In actuality, I’ve been using this for a few days now! In addition, the Redmi G24’s appearance is somewhat standard for a gaming monitor on this budget. The positive thing is that it doesn’t look particularly cheap despite the lack of elaborate RGB lighting.

Xiaomi Redmi G24 Monitor
Xiaomi Redmi G24 Monitor

Let’s move on to the well-made monitor, which has a plastic finish and a metal stand included right into it. The thing I appreciate most about the G24 is that Redmi includes a metal-base stand in spite of the monitor’s low price. It feels solid and manages to support the screen’s weight really nicely.


Let’s now discuss the display. And this is the main area that this monitor has shocked me. As I’ve previously stated, manufacturers of low-cost gaming monitors typically make compromises with regard to color space or resolution, but with the G24, Redmi provides a fairly good screen.

The Redmi Gaming Monitor G24 is a 23.8-inch Full HD screen with a VA panel (1920 x 1080 pixels). In comparison, I thought the panel had outstanding brightness, color saturation, and contrast. The best option for everyday usage, like watching movies and videos, is the monitor since it also supports HDR 10.

Xiaomi Redmi G24 Monitor
Xiaomi Redmi G24 Monitor

According to my test, the screen covered 90% of P3 and 99% of sRGB colors. Despite the official claim of 300 nits, this panel can reach a brightness of 327 nits, which is quite bright. Thus, using the monitor in a bright area didn’t cause me any issues. Furthermore, because I work in an area with a lot of overhead illumination, the matte finish greatly reduces ambient reflections.

Our team determined that this display was good enough for the tasks it was utilized for, editing photos and videos. However, they observed that the overall image appears warm, suggesting that the factory calibration is a little off. Additionally, Redmi includes a manual on factory calibration with the bundle, which was fantastic to see at this pricing point.

As we experiment with different color settings and modes on the monitor, we discover that the brightness seems to change dramatically depending on how black the image is. In my opinion, superior contrast in a gaming panel is preferable to a viewing angle any day. You’ll have to find another way to use it as there isn’t a built-in speaker here either.


Now that we get that out of the way, let’s discuss the actual purpose of this monitor: gaming! It goes without saying that games run incredibly smoothly on this screen because of the 165Hz refresh rate. I’ve played a range of games with my team, including first-person shooters like CS: GO and Valorant, which easily surpassed the 165 fps frame rate with my setup.


Redmi Gaming Monitor G24 Gaming

On the other hand, users of the Redmi Gaming Monitor can just connect and play because adaptive sync eliminates the need to manually set G-sync or Free Sync.

Most of this can be attributed to its Adaptive-Sync technology. Furthermore, Redmi’s support for both Nvidia G-sync and AMD FreeSync makes it compatible with both Nvidia and AMD GPUs, which is something I really like about it.

Gaming looks

Although our teams have observed some rather severe ghosting, the Redmi Gaming monitor G24 is still playable, albeit it might annoy competitive gamers.

Redmi Gaming Monitor G24 Review: Pros and Cons


  • Sturdy Design
  • 165Hz display
  • FreeSync & G-Sync Compatible
  • HDR10+ certification


  • Ghosting in high-fps games
  • No speakers
  • limited forward tilt
  • No height adjustment

Redmi Gaming Monitor G24 Review: Conclusion

The Redmi G24 gaming monitor has a lot of unique features and settings, so even though the company was very careful to include a joystick at the back for navigating the on-screen menu, it gets better.

In my opinion, the Redmi G24 is a wonderful value if you’re on a very limited budget. With Adaptive Sync technology and a refresh rate of 165 Hz, most of the time you can expect a flawless gaming experience. Additionally, I believe it is appropriate for regular daily use or serving as your laptop’s auxiliary display.

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