Unravelling the Carrot Top Truth – Sexuality, Wife, Child

Unravelling the Carrot Top Truth - Sexuality, Wife, Child

Fans are eagerly waiting to know about the private life of the Great American Comedian, Carrot Top. To know more about the Carrot Top let’s, begin…..

Scott Thompson better known as Carrot Top is an American Comedian, actor, and writer. Scott Thompson was born on February 25, 1965, in Rockledge, Florida. 

Scott Thompson aka Carrot Top is notable for using his unique comedy during his stand-up shows. In the year 1990s he rose to the limelight after featuring on shows like “Comic Strip Live” and “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Besides this, he is known for his comedy look in the industry with wild red hair. 

Not only this, but the famous comedian has also been featured in several pictures throughout his career, which includes.

Moreover, the comedian has also appeared in several motion pictures throughout his career, including “Chairman of the Board” and “Dennis the Menace Strikes Again.”

Does Carrot Top Have Any Kids? [Updated 2024]

Besides this, Carrot Top is also known for his red hair where he makes it clear about not the father of any child. He told the media that he is never married and besides this, all he pleads is to spend time with his nieces and nephews. He spends most of the time with his nieces and nephews.

The comedian mostly seems to spend time together with his nieces and nephews after he sees him being happy with his niece and nephew his parents always wanted him to have a child of his own.

Besides this, he also mostly spends time with his parents and his parents fully support his decision and the comedian has earned more reputation for being a wonderful friend to many parents.

Who is Amanda Hogan? Girlfriend or Wife

Now talking about his personal life, he is not a married man yet besides he is dating his stunning girlfriend names, Amanda Hogan.

Amanda Hogan and Carrot Top started dating since ever 2014. As per the sources, it’s known that Hogan is an entrepreneur who was born in August 1983 She also founded the successful catering and event-planning company Any Thyme Catering.

She owns a ceramic and handmade tableware shop on Etsy. This cute couple usually posts the photos together and posts them on social networking sites. 

Besides this, Carrot Top and Amanda generally maintain their anonymity regarding their personal life, so fans also make assumptions about their love status.

What is Carrot Top Sexuality? Is He Gay or Not 

One of the top several rumors includes, that Carrot Top is Gay. The comedian has been the Topic of fun for his being gay at one of his performances by pointing to a photo of him and Lance Bass and adding, “And I’m the one wearing the mesh tank top.”

Talkin’ about his sexuality he never comes out as gay in her entire life. Scott often spoofs these rumors. According to all sources and data given by the media, Carrot Top is not gay and straight and he has been faithfully dating Amanda Hogan for several years.


What is the real name of Carrot Top?

Scott Thompson is Carrot Top’s real name.

What is the age of Carrot Top?

Carrot Top is 65 years old, as of 2024.

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