How Many Biological Children Does Steve Harvey Have? [Updated 2024]

Steve Harvey Have with his wife

Steve Harvey, an illustrious name in the entertainment industry, holds multiple titles – comedian, actor, author, and television host. Beyond his star-studded career, there’s a role he cherishes the most, being a father. Dive into the world of Steve Harvey’s family, focusing primarily on Steve Harvey’s biological children.

Steve Harvey’s life is filled with the joy of seven children. Among them, four are biological, originating from his first two marriages, and the remaining three are adopted, bringing his family closer through the bond of adoption.

Summary of Steve Harvey’s Biological Children

Attribute Detail
Total Number of Children 7
Biological Children Karli, Brandi, Broderick, Wynton
Year Karli & Brandi Born 1982
Year Broderick Jr. Born 1991
Year Wynton Born 1997
Adopted Children Jason, Morgan, Lori

Steve Harvey’s Blended Family: An Overview

While many are acquainted with Steve Harvey’s public persona, a lesser-known facet is his role as a doting father. With four biological children and three adopted, Steve Harvey’s household is bustling with love and energy. His children, twins Karli and Brandi (born 1982), Broderick Jr. (born 1991), and Wynton (born 1997) are from his biological lineage.

Steve Harvey’s Biological Children

Embarking on the journey of parenthood, Steve was blessed with twins Karli and Brandi in 1982 from his first marriage. They’ve grown into successful entrepreneurs, with Karli leading a fashion brand and Brandi heading a non-profit foundation.

Subsequent to this, Broderick Jr. stepped into the world in 1991. With an entrepreneurial spirit, he helms a production company, East 112th Street Entertainment.

Lastly, Wynton Harvey, born in 1997 from Steve’s second marriage, has showcased his talent as a musician, leading his band with grace.

Steve Harvey’s Adopted Children

The concept of family transcends blood for Steve. With his marriage to Marjorie Harvey, he embraced her children: Jason, Morgan, and Lori, expanding the warmth of his household. Each of these children has carved their niche, with Jason in the luxury footwear business, Morgan as an entrepreneurial chef, and Lori shining in the modeling industry.

Family Values and Commitment

The values of unity, love, and commitment resonate deeply within the Harvey household. For Steve, family stands as the pillar of strength, guiding him in his professional and personal pursuits. Marjorie Harvey, his wife, stands by him as they jointly nurture their blended family.

Steve Harvey’s Proud Parenting Moments

Steve’s heart swells with pride, not just with his children’s accolades but their character. Over the years, he’s been vocal about his admiration for the love and bond his children share, illuminating his essence as a proud father.


In the intricate tapestry of Steve Harvey’s life, his children, both biological and adopted, stand out as vibrant threads. This narrative serves as a testament to the beauty of blended families and the profound bonds they foster.


How many children does Steve Harvey have?

Steve Harvey is a proud father to seven children.

Who are Steve Harvey’s biological children?

Steve Harvey has four biological children: Karli, Brandi, Broderick Jr., and Wynton.

When were Steve Harvey’s twin daughters born?

Steve Harvey’s twin daughters, Karli and Brandi, were born in 1982.

How many of Steve Harvey’s children are adopted?

Steve Harvey has three adopted children: Jason, Morgan, and Lori.

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