What is the price of Honda Shine 125 in Nepal? Drum, Disc

Honda Shine 125 Review

In this Article we will discuess about, Honda Bikes Price in Nepal (November 2023 Updated)

In Nepal, the Honda CB Shine has been the brand’s best-selling motorbike. Since its introduction to India in 2006, the Honda Shine has grown to become a popular motorcycle among Indians and Nepal.

The bike was one of the most well-liked 125cc motorbikes in Nepal because it offered everything a buyer could want, including quality and class. It had several modest updates throughout the years, but nothing very noteworthy.

Honda Shine 125 Review
Honda Shine 125 Review – price of honda 125 in Nepal

Honda Shine 125 Review – 2024 Updated


The classic Honda CB Shine design is still present. It’s interesting to see that Honda hasn’t strayed too far from its initial design. Sharper aesthetics are one of its features. Additionally, there are a lot more chrome components than previously.

Honda CB Shine
Honda CB Shine – price of honda 125 in Nepal

A chromed component integrated into the front visor is the headlight. It also receives extra chrome treatments for the exhaust, side panel, and the iconic Honda Wing logo.

Even if it first appears straightforward and uncomplicated, in the end, it does improve its allure.

These components are sufficient to shift from the basic commuter perspective. Rather, it establishes the new Shine as a high-end commuter option. Now, with the asking price in mind, it ought to be regarded as such.

Note: “This is clearly done for cost-cutting. I don’t like it, but, it does not hamper the nighttime visibility.”

The undertone of the front and rear headlamps is crisper. Since they operate on an AC system rather than a DC system, all lights are halogen.

Honda CB Shine
Honda CB Shine Engine – price of honda 125 in Nepal

In this setup, the engine rpm directly affects the headlight brightness. Brightness increases with engine rpm. Honda Shine’s glossy paint and eye-catching logos tie everything together.
There are seven color options for the Honda CB Shine: Red, Dark Red, Brown, White, Black, Grey, and Blue.


The engine is a 125cc single-cylinder air-cooled engine with a maximum output of 10.6PS at 7500 rpm and a maximum torque of 10.3Nm at 5500 rpm. The main mechanical change to the Shine SP is that it now has a 5-speed transmission rather than the CB Shine’s 4-speed setup.

The engine of the CB Shine and the Shine SP both operate admirably, as is well known. The Shine SP is just as well received as the original Shine for having an exceptionally smooth transmission and a well-tuned engine.

The bike idles quietly when the engine is thumb-started. The high level of refinement of the engine and transmission is sensed when driving.

Note: “To solve that issue, Honda has included the nifty Choke switch right at the handlebar. Pull on it and the bike was able to start up early without any problem.”

The fifth gear is a real benefit when driving on the highway as it allows us to cruise at around 80 kph without experiencing too much stress. After that, the vibrations become more noticeable and are felt mostly on the handlebar and foot pegs.

Overall, the performance of the new CB Shine SP, a 125cc motorbike, has left us rather happy.

Additional Details

Its measurements are 1090 mm in height, 762 mm in breadth, and 2012 mm in length. Also, the wheelbase is 1266 mm.

The Honda CB Shine can clear 157 mm of ground. Also, the curb weight is 123 kg.

Honda Shine Feature Highlights

  • 125cc Honda HET Engine
  • Honda Eco Technology (HET)
  • Modern and Stylish Graphics
  • Automatic Headlamp On (AHO)
  • Outstanding Tail Light
  • Trendy Front Visor
  • Tubeless Tyres
  • Premium Chromed Touches
  • 5-Step Adjustable Suspension
  • Front Disc (Optional)

Honda Shine Price and Availability in Nepal

The manual version of the Honda Shine costs NPR 253,900 in Nepal. There is a disk version as well, and in Nepal, it retails for NPR 263,900. Every Honda-authorized showroom in Nepal sells the Honda Shine.

Honda Shine Variants Price in Nepal
Drum NPR 253,900
Disc NPR 263,900


The Honda CB Shine is fascinating. It is devoid of certain modern comforts, yet it still has practically everything an average commuter needs.

Note: “If you just want a basic commuter, the Honda Shine 125 will do. Else if you are looking for something more, then Honda Shine SP is the way to go.”

Its five-speed gearbox and practical meter both need to be improved. If you can’t wait for Honda Nepal to release the BS6 version, there is a great alternative.

Honda Shine’s competitors include Bajaj Pulsar 125, TVS Raider, and Hero Super Splendor.

Adding a few more rupees will provide you with more. The digital-analog meter, sportier design, and more gear are added to the Honda Shine SP.

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