Electric Scooter Gesits G1 Price in Nepal- Newly Launched Indonesian Electric Scooter

Electric Scooter Gesits G1 in Nepal

Electric Scooter Gesits G1 price in Nepal- Newly Launched Indonesian Electric Scooter: Officially available Gesits G1 in Nepal. The authorized distributor of Gesits G1 electric scooters in Nepal is Vivek Automobiles. Recently in 2023, Vivek Automobiles introduced the brand new Ev brand for the Nepali Market.

Gesits G1, Brand New Indonesian Electric Scooter, Launched in Nepal

Likewise, Gesits G1 is an Indonesian brand that was designed and developed in Indonesia. The Getis G1 is a powerful motorsport that comes with an impressive set of specs and features.

Price of Gesits G1 Scotter price in Nepal [Electric Scooter Gesits G1 price in Nepal]

Similarly, the Gesits G1 price in Nepal starts with Rs 3.50 Lakh to 4.10 Lakh in 2023. Similarly, it comes in two different varieties, Single Battery Gesits G1 and Dual battery Gesits G1 and till now, it has come in three different colours, Red, Black and White

Electric Scooter Gesits G1 Price in Nepal
Electric Scooter Gesits G1 Price in Nepal
Electric Scooter Variant Price
Gesits G1 Single Battery Rs 3.50 Lakh
Gesits G1 Dual Battery Rs 4.10 Lakh

Both variants have the same 2kW Motor but are different in Battery configuration. Similarly, the lower variant comes with a Single Battery and the higher variants come with a Dual Battery.


  •  Motor: 2 kW BLDC
  • Battery: 
  • 1x 72V20Ah in Single Battery
  • 2x 72V20Ah in Dual Battery
  • Peak Power: 5000 W
  • Peak Torque: 30 Nm
  • Battery Type: Lithium NMC
  • Range: 
  • 50Km in Single Battery
  • 100 Km in Dual Battery
  • Top Speed: 70 Kmph
  • Charging Time: 3-4 hours
  • Tyres: Dual Disc
    • 80/80-R14 (front)
    • 100/80-R14 (rear)
  • Tubeless Tyres: Yes
  • Braking Type: Combined Braking System
  • Ground Clearance: 135 mm
  • Loading Capacity: 150 kg
  • Weight: 102.5 kg (with Battery)
  • Colours: Red, Black, White

Overview [Electric Scooter Gesits G1 in Nepal]


The scooter Gesits G1 has an aggressive yet muscular look, similarly, the front second gets an apron-mounted HID Projector Setup with LED DRL strips and also it gets the “GESITS” badge on the side.

Talking about side profiles it is a relatively simple look and includes practical elements like Punvh Footrest. Regardless it has a sportier undertone. Gesits G1 sports a Split-Type LED Tail Lamp with a Split-Type Grab Rail.

 The entire build of this scooter is of Plastic and does have premium touches.

Electric Scooter Gesits G1 Price in Nepal
Electric Scooter Gesits G1 Price in Nepal



This scooter is powered by a 2kw Permanent Magnet Synchronous BLDC Motor. Also, it generates a max power of 5000W and a max torque of 30 Nm, capable of 70 Kmph top-speed and supported by a 72V20Ah Li-NMC Battery. It can be fully charged in just 4 hours and range of 50 km. 

Plus points, it supports Dual Batter Configuration and gets the version of Dual 72V20Ah setup, giving out a maximum range of 100 km.

Smart Battery Protection with over 1000 charging cycles.

However, it has three riding modes: Eco Mode, Urban Mode, and Sports Mode.

Additional Details

MonoShock handles the suspension duties of the Telescopic and Swingarm. Similarly, the braking setup is Dual Disc. It is 1947 mm in length, 674 mm in Width and it has 1135mm in height and it has a wheelbase is 1290mm. Ground Clearance get 135mm with a kerb weight is 102.5kg (including the 8kg battery).

Electric Scooter Gesits G1 Price in Nepal
Electric Scooter Gesits G1 Price in Nepal

Gesits G1 Features Highlight

  • 2000W BLDC Motor
  • 72V20Ah Lithium NMC Battery
  • 1000 Charging Cycle
  • HID Projector Headlamp with LED DRLs
  • Integrated LED Taillight
  • LED Indicators with Hazard Light
  • LCD Display Display with Auto Adaptive
  • 135 mm Ground Clearance
  • 0-50 Kmph in 5 seconds
  • Self-Reporting Error Codes
  • GESITS Smart Detection and Protection
  • Dual Disc Braking

Availability [Electric Scooter Gesits G1 Updated 2024 Price in Nepal]

Gesits G1 showroom is at Naxal, Kathmandu.

Price list for the Gesits G1 price in Nepal for October 2023.

Gesits G1 Variant Price in Nepal
Gesits G1 Single Battery Rs. 350000
Gesits G1 Dual Battery Rs. 410000

Sunra Robo S and Horwin EK1 are their rivals. All three EVs do have premium electric scooters at similar ranges and specs and Gesits sits are the top with Extravagent price.

Warranty Period [Electric Scooter Gesits G1 Price in Nepal] Updatd 2024

Gestis Nepal provides the longest warranty period and the customer will get a 3-Year Warranty on its Battery, 2-Year on Chassis and Controller, and 1-Year on the Motor

Electric Scooter Gesits G1 Price in Nepal
Electric Scooter Gesits G1 Price in Nepal

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