Dunki Release and Review Updates: Shah Rukh Khan Third Blockbuster Movie Of the Year 2023

Dunki Release and Review Updates Shah Rukh Khan Third Blockbuster Movie Of The Year 2023

Bollywood King Khan, Shah Rukh Khan another blockbuster movie is released…

Dunki which is Shah Rukh Khan’s third film in the year 2023, is out on Thursday, December 21. After the massive success of Pathaan and Jawan, Dunki has already hit the screen.

Dunki Box Office Collection Day 1 Vs Rajkumar Hirani’s 1st Day At The Box Office: With A Jaw Dropping 23,900% Jump, Shah Rukh Khan’s Film Expected To Collect 36.84!

Dunki Worldwide Box Office Collection [Updated 2024]: Rajkumari Hirani directed ‘Dunki’ has been doing well at the box office. Released on December 21, 2023, movie Dunki has grossed over 400 crore globally. 

The movie’s main cast are Taapsee Pannu who plays the role of Manu, Vicky Kaushal as Sukhi, Boman Irani as Gulati, Anil Grover as Ballu, Vikram Kochhar as Buggu and Shah Rukh Khan plays the role of Hardi.

This movie Dunki has already collected more than Rs 11.46 crore from bookings, and Sala’s opening day business has reached R 18.54 crore with its pre-sales.

Now let’s talk about this movie, Dunki is a film which is based on illegal immigration called Donkey Route. The five friends, Mamu, Sukhi, Ballu, Buggu, and Hardi have a dream of settling down abroad but after hard tries and struggles they can’t grand a visa. So to go to England and Settle down there they have to take the Donkey Route.

This film Dunki is 2 hours and 41 minutes. Also, this movie has already received good reviews from fans and the Trailer of this movie is globally viral on social media.

Release Date  December 21, 2023
Director Rajkumar Hirani
Budget 1.2 billion INR
Producers Rajkumar Hirani, Gauri Khan, Jyoti Deshpande
Time  2 hours and 41 minutes
  • Shah Rukh Khan
  • Taapsee Pannu
  • Vicky Kaushal
  • Boman Irani
  • Anil Grover
  • Vikram Kochhar

Here is the trailer for Dunki Film,  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uOlDK7g7b-E&ab_channel=PanIndiaMovies

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